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How to fix the most basic problems on a Mac with macOS Ventura

How to fix the most basic problems on a Mac with macOS Ventura
macOS Ventura. (photo: The Truth News)

The new OS for devices Mac from Apple, macOS Ventura, was released to the market so that users can update their computers. However, like any other softwarethis is not free from having errors in the execution of the task or in its regular operation, which can generate a bad experience among the users. users.

In some cases these adverse situations can be corrected without the need for the intervention of a specialist or payment to a technical service that solves the problems. problems who experience the devices. That is why people need to be aware of the possible drawbacks that their Mac in case they have downloaded the latest software.

These are some of the most common cases of malfunction of a Mac with the system macOS Ventura and how they can be solved:

macOS Ventura won’t download to the device


If even before you got the new software from Manzana the Mac already has a download problem, this is not a problem with the computer but with the available space on the drive storage. In order to download the operating system, devices need to have at least 12 Gigabytes for the installer and another 25 Gigabytes for the software itself.

MacOS 13 Ventura
MacOS 13 Ventura

In the event that the user has ensured that they have that free space but the installation has not occurred, then they must enter the folder downloads (either Applications), locate the file macOS Ventura and delete it to be able to download it again.


This problem can occur because the connection to the Internet or update system macOS has suffered some damage.

AirDrop feature not working

In case users have problems with airdropthe function of the devices Manzana To share files over Wi-Fi, the easiest way to fix the problem is to turn the feature off and on again. It is also possible to solve the problem by entering the Settings application, deactivating the connection Wifi and the Bluetoothand turn them back on.

If those steps are not enough, then you will need to configure the settings of the function. For this you will have to:

– Enter Finder and search airdrop from the menu bar

AirDrop (Image: Future)
AirDrop (Image: Future)

– Click on the “Allow to be seen by” option and select the “Everyone” option.

The previous error may have been that it was configured so that the function can only receive data from some contacts or none at all. It is also possible that whoever sent a file was not on the list of contacts.

WiFi doesn’t work

The connection problem Wifi It is common in all devices whether they are from Apple or not. In case this function is not working, users can restart the computer in Safe Mode. In the event that it still does not work, another possible option is to forget the network you were connected to and re-enter the password again.

This can be done by going into the Settings app on the system and click on the option Wifi. Once this has been done, you must click on the name of the network to which you are linked, then on the option “Forget this network” and finally on “Remove”.

Wi-Fi settings in the macOS operating system.  (Image: Future)
Wi-Fi settings in the macOS operating system. (Image: Future)

Battery life is very short

If the battery of the device Mac runs out too quickly and does not allow proper use, it may be because the operating system macOS you are setting up some background apps. Once this process is complete, the computer will be able to operate as usual again.

Another way to make sure that this is the reason for the problem is by entering the battery settings from the System Settings menu and then in the bar that indicates Drums. Users can activate low battery mode from this menu.

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