How to find a partner or friends using Google Docs

How to find a partner or friends using Google Docs
Trend in the United States encourages users to use Google Docs to find a partner with a “love resume”. (Watch How It’s Done)

Searching for friends or company in the digital age is an activity that often requires users to download and create profiles on dating appssome designed specifically with people with particular tastes, but a trend created in the United States promotes the creation of a couple “profile” that anyone can access using Google Docs.

tool document editing and collaborative work of Google is being used to create a “love resume” in which not only physical attributes stand out, but also their desires and aspirations, so that beyond a curious trend, it is a way in which people determined to find a partner or friends They take this job seriously.

As stated in a report on the matter in Wired, people who use the platform in this way usually spread the link to the document through their personal accounts on social networks, such as Twitterand send them to their daters as a way for them to get to know them better even before the date.

Dating app.  (photo: Insider Latam)
Dating app. (photo: Insider Latam)

These files, known in the United States as “Date Me” (have a date with me or go out with me), have become popular among users, although others have taken it to a different level with the inclusion of another tool of Google: Forms.

According to the report, a writer named Jacob Falkovich, this tool so that people interested in meeting him in a platonic way or who want to have a date with him, can fill out a form and agree on a meeting that meets the expectations of both.

Other ways to find online dates

Like the people who use “Date Me” documents in Google Docsthere are other platforms that can be useful for people with particular tastes or interests and who want to find a friendship, a partner or a sexual encounter corresponding to their tastes.

TenLovefor example, is a platform where people over 50 years old they can find love in a couple their age. The Chilean app will only allow users above that age to have profiles in the application.


It also has a simple operation similar to Tinder or other similar applications: With a like and a match, users can chat and get to know each other better.

Another of the platforms, but which is aimed at an audience that goes beyond the physical and seeks a connection with people who are attracted to the minds and ideas of others, is called toad.

After answering a series of 300 essay questions so that the application’s algorithm can find the right person who fits the customs, ideas, knowledge and who also want a mental connection before a sexual one.