How to filter abusive messages on Instagram? A new feature to tackle hate speech

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Instagram just announced a new tool that can automatically filter abusive messages. If such messages are sent, these messages will increase account lockdown. Specifically, social media will prevent users from displaying these types of messages at first glance. It will prevent the possibility of someone we block contacting us using a new account.

As always, the new Instagram features will gradually attract users, so in the coming weeks, we should be able to use these tools.

How instagram will filter abusive messages

First, Instagram will implement a new feature to filter abusive messages. This will be a filter that can be activated and will run automatically. This filter will hide these types of messages based on words, phrases, and even emojis that can be abused so that they do not appear in our direct message request tray.

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Instagram assures that they entered it in this tray because here they usually receive abusive messages. If they are in the inbox it is because we have accepted the messages and generally we have fewer problems. This operation is similar to the current word filter, but it will be done automatically.

These filter hate messages will go to a separate request folder where no content will be displayed. For example, if there are direct insults or bad words in this folder, we will not see the message itself. But we will warn that the content is abusive according to Instagram preferences.

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In addition to filter abusive messages feature (now officially released and will be released in the coming weeks). Instagram also offers another anti-bullying feature. They want to automatically detect when one person opens a new account and annoys another. They did not elaborate on how to achieve this goal but said they would use “various signals” to detect users with multiple accounts who send harassing emails.

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