How to Enable WhatsApp Read Receipts | practical guide

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Read confirmation in a messenger divides opinions: there are people who prefer to keep this option, while others hide this information for privacy reasons. If you have previously disabled it, it is very practical to enable WhatsApp read receipts .

When this setting is active, WhatsApp displays two blue ticks over the message to indicate that the person has viewed the content. However, you can only see someone else’s confirmation if you’ve both enabled the feature in the app.

What does each symbol in the WhatsApp message mean

When sending a message, some ticks are displayed next to the content. Each one has a meaning:

  • ✔️: the message has been sent successfully, but has not yet been delivered to the contact;
  • ✔️✔️: The message has been sent and delivered to at least one of the person’s connected devices. Even if your cell phone is turned off, you can still receive on a connected computer;
  • ✔️✔️ with blue ticks: the message has been viewed by the other person.

In groups, the second tick is shown when everyone has received the message, and the message confirmation turns blue when everyone has viewed it. Even if a person has read receipts turned off on their profile, you can still verify that they’ve read a message in the group.

What is Read Receipt on WhatsApp

The read receipt indicates that the other person in the conversation has opened and viewed your message. It is a common feature in messengers such as Messenger, Instagram and Telegram .

In addition to disabling confirmation, there are still other methods to see a message without the other person knowing . In this case, you can read the notification or turn on airplane mode before opening WhatsApp.

How to Enable Read Receipt on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp and access the settings;
  2. Then tap on “Privacy”;
  3. Activate the option “Read confirmation”;

By default, this option is already enabled in WhatsApp. If you have disabled it and want to return with the function, just follow this path.

Learn how to activate read confirmation on WhatsApp
(Screenshot: André Magalhães)

How to view message data

When you send a message, you can find out when it was delivered to the recipient and when it was read — whether you keep confirmation active or are in a group. To do this, open a conversation, tap and press on a message of your choice. Then tap the icon with the letter “I” at the top of the screen to see the data and check who read and who just got the message delivered.