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How to easily find churches on Google Maps

Google Maps works like a great search engine where all you have to do is enter the name of what you want to locate so that the system includes a list of options on the map. Thus, to find churches it will suffice to enter Maps, from the browser or mobile, and type “churches” in the space with a magnifying glass that appears in the upper margin.


Doing so will display a number of alternatives with their respective locations on the map. Then A detailed list with name, address, directions to get there and phone number will also be included. In turn, the option to share this information with other users is offered, something that can be useful if you are organizing a group meeting.

As when performing other types of searches, here it is possible to do it using some of the filters available on the platform such as proximity, open spaces when requesting information and those sites best rated by users. In the rating section you can read the appreciations of the people who entered their comments.


By entering each of the listed options, it is possible to see photographs, comments and user ratings, as occurs with other searches carried out on Maps. In some cases, the link to the website is also included.

It can also be very useful to make a preview of the front of the church and the area where the street view will be used. For that you have to click on the icon of a yellow person that you can see in the lower right margin and drag it to the area you want to view.


Augmented reality

If you are touring the area with your mobile phone, you can also use augmented reality. It is a tool that offers indications when the mobile is picked up and pointed to the site where the user is. Thus, you will be able to see arrows that indicate where to turn or signs that detail how far away the street to which the person is going is located.

To activate this option, you must enter Google Maps from the cell phone, search for the desired destination, which in this case would be a nearby church; then press, at the top, the icon of the person walking to indicate that you are looking for directions to go on foot. Then you have to activate “Live View” that appears next to the “Start” option. Thus the system will open the camera, read the environment, and will give the corresponding indications.


The idea is that this tool helps the user to better position himself in the environment, but it is not recommended to use it while walking. That is why you have to hold the phone where you are, look at the directions and once you are oriented, put the phone away and move on. It is a function that can help a lot in orientation, especially for those who have difficulties knowing where to walk or which route to follow.

location history

Another very useful tool to visit the same church you went to before or any other nearby site is to check the location history in Maps. If activated, the locations to which the user has moved in the last few days will be displayed. To access this option you have to click on the profile photo in the upper right margin and choose the option that says “your routes”.


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