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How to download series on Netflix and be able to watch them without an internet connection

When a person wants to watch a series or a movie, it is necessary to be connected to Internet yesHowever, Netflix has an option to Download your favorite series and watch them offline. Next, TechMarkup brings a guide so that anyone can do it.


Simple steps to watch series on Netflix without internet

The truth is that downloading your favorite series to a smartphone it’s easy and fast. It is only necessary to do a few steps, which will make the selected title is available on Netflix even if the user does not have internet.


Once you have selected the series you want to download, you have to enter your file. There are two ways to proceed: if you have seen a series, you will find that you have a ‘i’ for the information you will find in your common file.

If you want to start downloading a title that not seen yet, have to do Click on your cover. Once this is done, information about the series will be displayed along with a list of its episodes.


Episodes will display the title, synopsis, and a arrow pointing down. This icon is the one to tap to start downloading this chapter, so it can be viewed offline later.

Every episode that has been downloaded will be available in the section ‘Downloads’. By clicking on this section, you will be able to find all the titles you have downloaded. It’s important pointing that They have an expiration date. So it will be better to watch the chapters before they exceed this deadline.

Last but not least, it is important to remember that only downloaded content can be viewed on the device in which it was downloaded. That is, if a series or a movie is downloaded to the mobile phone, it will not be possible to watch it on the television.


Other Netflix tricks

– Explore hidden categories

Netflix has a wide variety of content to watch, the point is to find exactly what you are looking for and, above all, to identify some options that are not as visible.

For that you can use the ‘secret codes’, which are certain numbers that when entering the URL take the user to different subcategories within the platform.

To access this content, simply enter the following in the URL address:, and then add the code in question.

By doing so, the page will redirect the user to the specific genre they are looking to explore. For example, if it is written You will see a list of classic movies. Here are some codes to access different options:

1. Action and adventure: 1365

2. Anime: 7424

3. Children’s and family films: 783

4. Classic Movies: 31574

5. Comedies: 6548

6. Cult Movies: 7627

The rest of the categories with their corresponding subcategories are detailed in this note.

– Enjoy a series with another person

The extension available for Google Chrome, netflix partyallows two remote users to watch any content available on the streaming platform at the same time, completely synchronized.

– Remove content from the ‘Continue watching’ section

When you start watching a series on the platform, the portal saves this information and every time the person accesses their profile, the content is displayed in the Continue watching section..

Nevertheless, it may happen that the user has not enjoyed the episodes so far and wants to leave the series; that is, you want the title to stop appearing within the mentioned section. To remove it, simply press on the title in question and click on the cross.

When doing so, the system will ask why do you want to remove it from there?

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