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How to Download Instagram Videos Without Third-Party Apps on iOS and Android

Although Meta’s social network, Instagramprohibits downloading the content that is published there, this does not prevent it from being download a photo, or in this case a video that one himself has risen and that for different reasons it is necessary to have again. PIn order not to resort to options external to the mobile phone, a few simple steps can be applied.


To download videos there are external applications such as Downie 4, however, there is a much easier and more comfortable way to obtain the videos and without having to go to the app store.

It does not matter if you are a user of a phone with Android or iOS, To download a Reel, Story or video publication, you only have to go to this link


It should be noted that the platform also allows you to download photos from the Feed or profile. All available options are at the top, divided by tabs: Photo, Reels, Video, Story, Profile.

Depending on what type of publication is the video that you want to download, the option will be chosen. For example, if the video is in Reels, just choose that tab.


Subsequently, you should only put the URL of the video at the bottom that you want to download, or the name of the user so that all their available publications of that type appear.

To obtain the URL, you must go to the Instagram post, select the three vertical points located in the corner and select “Link” or “Copy link”.

After selecting and placing the link or username on the online site, the download option will appear. You must give a touch to the button to start the saving process. At the end of the video, the multimedia file can be found in the video folder of the mobile phone.


With this modality it is not necessary to download a third-party application on the cell phone. Besides it is a free function that also serves to download photos and can be used from the computer if desired.

How to hide posts on Instagram without deleting them

Instagram It has an option that allows you to hide posts from the feed without deleting them. This is a very useful tool when, for whatever reason, you want to remove the visibility of a post but without completely eliminating it. This function is called “file” and to make use of it you have to follow these steps:

1. You have to press on the three points of the publication and choose the option that says “file”. That way the image will be hidden but not deleted.

2. In the event that what you want to hide is a video, then you have to follow the same steps but click on the option that says “remove from the profile grid”. It is a way to archive the clips since they will no longer be seen in the feed.

3. To access the content that has been archived, click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper right margin and choose the option Archive. There you can access not only the archives of posts, but also stories and live videos.

4. On the other hand, the clips that have been removed from the grid can be seen when entering the section reelsor videos, depending on how they were loaded. To enter these sections, you must click on the corresponding icon found in the upper margin when entering the account profile, just above the posts.


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