How to disable Motorola mobile phone accessibility features


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How to disable Motorola mobile phone accessibility features

Accessibility is present in many current cell phones, from different brands, but today’s text shows how to disable the accessibility functions of the Motorola cell phone. Simple process, perfect for those moments that you accidentally activated or simply appeared on your screen and you don’t know how to deactivate.

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Check below how to disable the functions on your Motorola phone, but also pass on the text to the side to know 10 great accessibility features for Android models.

How to turn off Accessibility on Motorola

  1. Tap “Configure” and swipe until you find “Accessibility”;
  2. Enter this section and select accessibility functions one by one;
  3. Within each function, deselect the selection to disable it.
Deactivate the accessibility functions of the Motorola mobile through the Settings (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

How to enable accessibility features on Motorola

There are three accessibility functions available on branded cell phones. These are: “Amplification gestures”, “Large text” and TalkBack. The first allows the user to triple tap the screen to zoom in or out.

The “Large Text” function does exactly what the name says: it allows the user to increase the text size in all apps for better viewing.

TalkBack, a function that reads what appears on the screen to the user, is a little more complex, allowing greater user customization. Are they:

  • Speech volume: increase or decrease the TalkBack voice;
  • Speak caller ID: lets you hear what the caller is saying;
  • Answer by sound: get audible feedback by touching the screen;
  • Vibration response: get vibration feedback when touching the screen;
  • Manage gestures: use gestures to navigate the cell phone;
  • Explore by touch: listen to information before using cell phone items.

The activation of each one is done individually and the path is the same as the deactivation, what changes is that instead of deselecting, you positively select the function.

That way you can deactivate, if you want, or activate the functions available on your Motorola model.