How to detect if someone’s profile picture is fake

How to detect if someone's profile picture is fake

Currently many people meet through the Internet and profile photos are the only reference they have to the physical appearance of the other, however, there are those who use fake photos to impersonate someone else. To find out if that person is really who they say, you can do a brief verification of the profile photograph.

In order to find out if the other person has a real or fake image tool must be used Fake Profile Detector. It is a browser extension that is easy to use, since it is only necessary to download it.

Once it has been downloaded, you can start using the tool developed by the company V7Labs that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s only necessary right click on an image and select ‘Check profile fake picture‘ to do its job.

Immediately the detector will show the results of the analysis in percentages, which will be higher or lower, depending on the case, on an image. For example, if behind the photo of a pretty girl there is a man who used FaceApp, the extension will know it without the slightest complication.

This tool is in google store, that means it only works with family browsers like Chrome or Chromium. After installing, you have to follow the instructions on how to activate notifications.

Unfortunately, this tool has limitations, since it only identifies the veracity of the self-generated by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) which are a class of compelling AI-created images.

This means that I would have trouble identifying if the profile picture does not correspond to who is behind the accountas it runs away from his abilities.

How to Create a ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Rick and Morty’ Style Profile Picture

First of all, you must install the dolltoon application, which is available for iOS and Android for free. Once installed, enter and define the gender, contour and shape of the avatar’s face, skin tone, hair style and color, then you can modify the clothes to create an outfit similar to the one you usually wear. It should be noted that to ‘simpsonize’ the avatar you must use yellow as skin tone or one of the most common within the series.

After you have created the avatar, you can set a background (There is one very similar to the backyard of the house of The Simpsons or the portal of Rick and Morty’. Finally, download it as an image on the phone.

This image can be put as profile picture on whatsapp or any other social network. In the case of the messaging application, you have to press the ‘See more’ option represented by the three vertical points located in the upper right corner, then click on the profile picture and then search for the ‘Search in gallery’ option, This is where you should choose the drawing created in DollToon and that’s it.

It should be noted that although it is a free appyou have the option to buy some accessories within the application with ‘diamonds’ that are purchased with real money, within the available accessories are some cosmetics such as the hair of the scientist Rick from the iconic Adultswim series, among others.