How to destroy Gloo walls in Free Fire matches

Gloo walls in Free Fire offer a lot of protection to their users and to anyone else who takes cover behind them. They are bullet sponges and can absorb significant damage before eventually breaking. This makes them ideal to use for defensive purposes. However, they are not invincible.


Although they can take a beating, these walls will not last for more than a certain amount of time. Also, breaking them is not the only way to render a solid defense useless in FreeFire.

FREE FIRE | How to deal with gloo walls

Instead of attacking head-on, users can go around the Gloo Wall to kill the enemy. Alternatively, if players manage to reach high ground, they can shoot the enemy hiding behind the wall.


Flamethrowers aren’t the best weapons in the game, but they do wonders against Gloo walls. Given how powerful the weapon is, not even a 360 degree Gloo Wall will be enough to defend against the flames.

One of the easiest ways to take down a Gloo Wall is by throwing frag grenades. Grenades can be thrown from a safe distance. However, depending on where they land, the damage dealt may not be enough to break a Gloo wall.


Another option is the right characters. Nairi’s ability, Ice Iron, allows her to deal an additional 20 percent damage to Gloo Walls when using an AR. Xayne, meanwhile, allows you to deal an additional 130 percent damage to walls with Xtreme Encounter. Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm ability is best at destroying up to five walls at once.

If you don’t have another, you can use the M82B sniper rifle to finish off the rivals behind the Gloo wall. This is a huge psychological shock to any opponent, and they are likely to back away from cover to try to escape.

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