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How to Create PowerPoint-Like Presentations from Notepad

How to Create PowerPoint-Like Presentations from Notepad
(photo: iA Presenter)

If for some reason the reader of this article still uses PowerPoint or some other software for creating presentations, it’s definitely time to make the leap to a more modern option.

And there is one new tool who promises to make it big. This is iA Presenter, A simple memo pad Markdown-enabled that takes care of designing slides.

It does so through a process of automation that is in charge of organizing texts, photos and videos, so that one can focus on the content of the presentations, not on their appearance. But the interesting thing about this program is that its capabilities are not limited to the process of creating the material, but also its presentation.

iA Presenter. (photo: Twitter)

What is a markdown support

But hey, you have to go a little slowly. First, as mentioned in the opening paragraphs, iA Presenter is based on a text editor with Markdown support. This means you can start writing your presentation from scratch or insert content, both slides and storyboards, from Typora, Obsidian, or your software of choice.

Nothing too revolutionary so far, right? What makes iA Presenter unique is the ability to arrange the content on the screens that will be visible to the audience.

The first step is to create your slides, and it’s as easy as hitting enter three times as needed. The next thing is to insert the text in each one, and the way the software does it is very simple: you only need to define the titles and subtitles.

This is where the power of Mardown makes his presence known. iA Presenter allows you to differentiate what content you want to share in the presentation and what you only want to see for yourself. So, for a title or sentence to appear on a slide, you have to add the hashtag sign (#) at the beginning of it. The software chooses the design that best highlights the material without much trouble.

(photo: iA Presenter)

A revolutionary alternative for presentations

But because presentations aren’t just text-based, iA Presenter also provides an easy way to add other types of content to your slides. For photos and videos, simply drag them to where you want to add them and the software will do the rest.

If there is no text on the slide, the full-size image is displayed. Otherwise, arrange it so that both stand out and are clearly visible. In addition, it offers a responsive design that rearranges presentation content to fit any screen size.

If the automatic layout chosen by iA Presenter does not satisfy the user, he can optimize it to his liking. The software allows you to choose between different themes, fonts and color combinations to customize the aesthetic according to your needs without losing the essence of the original aesthetic. In addition, the changes are applied to the entire presentation with a single click.

(photo: iA Presenter)

Impossible to forget what will be exposed

But that’s not all, because iA Presenter wants to be much more than a tool to create presentations quickly and intelligently.

That is why it includes a function similar to a teleprompter so that the annotations can be followed in real time while the slides are running. In this way there will be no way to forget what will be exposed, even if the nerves invade the person.

(photo: iA Presenter)

Finally, all presentations created with this software can be automatically export in PDF format, but in text document format with images. An ideal option for those who want to share their work in a more traditional way.

From what has been seen so far, iA Presenter seems to have everything that will change the way you create and deliver presentations forever. Whether the final version of the software lives up to its promises remains to be seen.

(photo: iA Presenter)

The tool currently is only available as a closed beta version, Therefore, the interested parties must register on the waiting list. The only way around this is to get an invite from someone who has already tried it.

The cost of iA Presenter? There is no news yet, but TechMarkup will keep abreast of any news on the price.

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