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How to Create a Ringtone on iPhone (Without Mac)

Create a Ringtone on iPhone (Without Mac)

If you are a bit interested in the subject of ringtones on iPhone , then you must definitely know that there are many methods to create ringtones. Some are relatively complicated.

This is not the case with the one we are going to present to you. To create your new ringtone, you will need two applications that you will install directly on your iPhone: Ringtone Maker and garage band.

Two tools that have a significant advantage: they are free. You will not pay anything to avail of their services. However, you will need to ensure that you have locally stored music on your phone.

First step: compose the ringtone

©Lemon squeezer
©Lemon squeezer

The first thing to do will be to compose our ringtone. And therefore to prepare the track on which we will rely to create it.

To do this, we will go through Ringtones Maker. Which is available on the App Store. Once installed, you will launch it.


The tool will display its home page. With a “+” button at the bottom for you to create your first ringtone. Tap on it. Next, you’ll need to choose where your music is coming from, with four buttons to choose from: “import video”, “upload from PC”, “download” and “more”. You will tap on the “more” button and you will select the “import from a file” option.

The application will show you a new window, with two tabs: “recent” and “explore”. Click on the second. Then go find the music you downloaded. If you recovered it with Chrome, for example, then you will have to go to the Chrome folder located on your iPhone.

In my case, I opted for a song recovered from Epidemic Sound, a paid platform allowing videographers to find and download music and sound effects for their creations.

The tool will then import the music and it will appear on the screen. Tap on their name. A series of buttons will appear. Tap on “staple”.

This step is essential. It will indeed allow us to cut our song and select the 30 seconds that will be used for our ringtone.

And I insist on the duration. On iOS, a ringtone must not exceed 30 seconds.

To select your extract, all you have to do is move the markers located at the level of the timeline, at the top. Further down you will find buttons that will help you narrow down your selection. Once everything is in order, tap on the “done” button at the top right.

You have just created your ringtone. Except that iOS does not yet recognize it as such. It will therefore be necessary to trick.

Second step: set the song as a ringtone

©Lemon squeezer

Which brings us to the second step of this little tutorial. Step that will use the second application mentioned earlier: GarageBand.

Stay on Ringtones Maker. Tap on your ringtone. Don’t get the wrong piece. The buttons from earlier appear again. Tap on the “do” button to generate your ringtone. iOS will then offer you to open it with several applications. Select GarageBand from the list.

GarageBand will open. Your ringtone will appear in the list of recent files. Long press it. A new menu appears. Tap on “Share” then on “Ringtone”. GarageBand will prompt you to adjust the ringtone duration. Accept by tapping “continue”.

A new screen will open. It allows you to change the name of your ringtone. Do this if you feel it’s necessary and tap on the “export” button at the very top right.

Congratulations, your ringtone is created. All you have to do is go to the phone settings and the sounds menu to find it and set it as a ringtone. Note that you can also use it for your SMS.

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