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How to control the ads that appear on Google

The tool that gives the user the power to choose what to see in ad themes.

Advertising is the main engine of internet monetization, but for users it can become annoying by showing products or services that are not in line with what they are seeing. That is why Google launched a tool that will allow managing ads on its platforms.


My Ad Centers is called this new function, which is already available worldwide, and which will give people the power to control what type of advertising they see in applications such as Youtube, the seeker and Discover.

Additionally, you can block ads on sensitive topics and obtain more information about the data used to personalize the advertising experience.

How My Ad Center works


This is a tool that will be enabled once you log in to Google. In it you will find the advertising and each ad will have a menu with an icon of three points, which when opened displays an option that says ‘See less of this type of ads’, it will be enough to select it and the amount of advertising will begin to be limited on that specific topic.

But at the same time, users can make the application show them advertisements about products or services that interest them, be it offers of clothes, gifts, etc.


Another option is to completely disable certain topics such as alcohol, dating, weight loss, gambling, pregnancy, and parenting.

This new tool allows the user to control the advertising they want to see on the Internet.
This new tool allows the user to control the advertising they want to see on the Internet.

All these adjustments will go directly to the account of Google of the person, so you will not need to make changes to your mobile, computer or tablet, since it will work in the same way in all of them once the account has been opened on the device.

Within the announcement of this new tool, the company highlighted that everything is done under the parameters of privacy, taking care of the user’s information, without selling it to anyone and without using the content stored in applications such as Gmail, Photos and Drive.

In addition, they ensured that “we never use sensitive information to personalize ads, such as health, race, religion or sexual orientation. It’s just off limits.”

For that, My Ad Center It will also allow you to see what information they are using and exercise control according to the preferences of each one. An example is what can be done with YouTube.

“Regardless of the ads we’ve shown you in the past, if your YouTube history was turned on, it automatically reported how your ads were personalized. Now, if you don’t want your history of Youtube is used for ad personalization, you can disable it in My Ad Center, without affecting relevant recommendations in your feed.

Finally, the company confirmed that there are other brands “that use the tools of Google to advertise on other sites and apps,” so turning off personalized ads in My Ad Center also applies to ads you see inside and outside of Google.

This feature is already available worldwide and will be adapted to all devices where you have a Google account.
This feature is already available worldwide and will be adapted to all devices where you have a Google account.

Google made changes to Family Link

The application has an important change in its design and interface, because now it presents three tabs with highlights, controls and location along with a central one for notifications.

This app allows parents to monitor and set limits on children’s screen time and app usage, as well as lock devices at certain times of the day. So, with the changes, Google aims to present better management to parents to make it easier.

In the highlights tab you can see a summary of the child’s device usage, as well as the time of use during the day, a recently installed app and the most used.

There are also the controls, which allow the limits of the time the screen is on and the use of a specific application. Third, location, which gives parents the ability to see where their children are.

Finally, a function called ‘limit today’ arrives, which is to make a change in the parameters of a specific day without modifying the general settings.

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