Home Tech News How to control my Xbox with Google Home from my cell phone

How to control my Xbox with Google Home from my cell phone

How to control my Xbox with Google Home from my cell phone
The developers believe that this console limits the development of video games.

Microsoft has announced a new availability with google manand on consoles Xboxwith the possibility of converting your mobile phone into a touch remote control to control the device.

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consoles based on Android are being an alternative for users, since they can replace certain experiences in the gaming. Now, Microsoft has just announced for the February 2023 update of the Xbox the control of the console via Google Home.

Google Assistant has been available to control certain aspects of these video game consoles, and with this new update players of streamingthey will have another extension to be able to continue playing on their device.

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Google Home.  (photo: TopesDeGama)
Google Home. (photo: TopesDeGama)

Google Home and Xbox

The voice assistant Googlehas made it possible to control certain aspects of the Xbox for several years now, but users saw the need to also be able to do it on their mobile, and thus be able to access the multimedia controls or simply to be able to turn on the device.

Now with the new update the Google Home app for the Xbox is also activated, with that it will be possible to manage a console outside the gamepadsince previously the only way was Google Assistant through the mobile.

The Google Home application is used for all kinds of tasks related to the connection of smart devices that are under the same Wi-Fi network as the house. and now via Android Authoritythis integration allows you to use the app to turn it on or off.

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Likewise, you will be able to use the arrow keys, access to the playback controls of multimedia content and record games. By installing Google Home on the cell phone, you will be able to access the Xbox and the mentioned functions.

Microsoft also wants its consoles to be greener, and now there is a new update focused on that aspect. A functionality that allows you to schedule console updates if you are connected to the internet.

With these settings, consoles xbox series x and the Xbox One they will optimize the download and installation of system updates as well as games and applications only during active hours.

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The studies see this console as a drag for the development of video games.
The studies see this console as a drag for the development of video games.

saving mode

On the other hand, a new energy saving mode arrives with an automatic “Off” instead of sleep mode and Xbox users now have access to the new option for energy saving.

Thus, the console will turn off completely, the company assured that “the function can reduce the power consumption of the console up to 20 times compared to leaving it in sleep mode.”

The Xbox dashboard update also includes a home UI tweak to allow you to hide game art on the screen. Microsoft has also added a quick way to view recent holidays. Initially this is slowly spreading.

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Finally, the option to remove screenshots and game art from the ‘menu’ has been added.home‘. Some users will also receive the option to try an experimental feature that allows you to create playgroups with friends more quickly.

With this there will be the possibility of having a list of game groups in which they have previously been. To enjoy all these updates, you can download the latest version of Xbox.

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