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How to configure and use the MetaMask wallet

How to configure and use the MetaMask wallet
MetaMask Wallet
MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is one of the purses (wallets) or portfolios of ethereum most popular to manage tokens and use dapps or decentralized applications. MetaMask works as a bridge to that new web based blockchain.

The system works not only as a cryptocurrency wallet, but also allows the user to interact with the Dapps in a simple way. It is possible to store, spend and send digital assets such as tokens and collectibles.

Thus, for example, it can be used to enter Open Sea or other market places where you transact with NFT’s. It is, in short, the gateway to the Web3, as this new internet based on blockchain technology is called.

Regarding security, it should be noted that MetaMask has the ability to generate its own asymmetric keys, store them and manage their access locally.

Install MetaMask

It can be downloaded as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android. Next, the step by step to install it from Chrome

1. Enter the Chrome web store and search for MetaMask. Click on the top right corner where it says “add to Chrome”

The first step is to install the extension
The first step is to install the extension

2. Once the extension is installed, two options will be offered: import a previously created wallet or create a wallet from scratch. In the first case, you will have to enter the seed phrase and the key. If it is the second option then one will be generated for the first time.

3. On the next page you will have to accept terms and conditions and then create a strong password. It is suggested that it be at least 12 characters long and include letters, numbers, and symbols.

4. Once this is done, a seed phrase will be generated that is 12 words and they are meant to support the crypto wallet. If for some reason control over the wallet is lost, these 12 phrases will be needed to recover it. That phrase is a representation of a long string of random numbers that the wallet uses to generate private keys that will allow tokens to be sent and received.

Security recommendations to protect the seed phrase:

It is advisable to write it on paper and keep that document in a safe deposit box. Other copies could also be made and stored in equally safe places, as an extra precautionary measure.

It is not advisable to write the seed phrase in digital format and save it in a doc, mail or any other system unless it is encryption. If you want to have a digital version, it would be convenient if it is an external disk, encrypted and that it is kept very well, also in a safe or secure place. Note that if the seed phrase is lost, access to all digital assets in the wallet is lost.

MetaMask, a wallet to manage crypto assets
MetaMask, a wallet to manage crypto assets

5. At the end of this process you will already have an active wallet and ready to use. This user creation process is practically the same in other browser extensions and in mobile applications.

How to use MetaMask

MetaMask connects by default to the main Ethereum network. Anyway from the settings menu you can connect to other blockchain networks such as Polygon, Ronin, Arbitrum, Binance and other networks compatible with Ethereum.

1. Add a new network

To add a new network, you have to press, from the browser, on the fox icon to open the wallet. Then, next to the profile image you will see the name of the network that is connected, for example Ethereum.

Different blockchain networks can be added
Different blockchain networks can be added

Click on the down arrow next to the name and a drop-down menu will appear. There you click on the option that says “add network”. An interface will be displayed in which you have to mention the name of the network, the URL address, the coin identifier, etc.


The information to add these data varies according to the network to be incorporated. This information must be found on the official sites of the corresponding blockchain.. In the case of Polygon, for example, it can be found here.

Import crypto assets

To import crypto assets you have to slide to the option that says “import tokens” (import tokens)

To import crypto assets, click on "import tokens"
To import crypto assets, click on “import tokens”

Then go to the custom token option and add the corresponding address. Then to send, buy or redeem it will be enough to press each of the buttons that are seen in the wallet interface.


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