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How to configure and use the browser of the Deep Web

It should be noted that the sites of the so-called Dark Net are not indexed, this means that they will never appear in surface web browsers like the ones mentioned above.

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In order to view these sites you need a browser TOR (The Onion Router) which, in addition to allowing you to see “hidden Internet” sites, take care of user privacy by not leaving traces on the network or on the server of what you are visiting, because you remain anonymous because the transferred information travels completely encrypted, even if the network traffic is monitored.

This TOR browser implements a technique called Onion Routing, which does reference to onions, because these have many layers that must be peeled off before reaching the center. For navigation purposes, this changes the traditional mode of routing (direct), connecting to different random nodes to guarantee anonymity.

In this way, the user can remain anonymous while browsing the Deep Web, as long as they do not access sites where they enter credentials, such as Facebook, because it will not matter that the information has traveled randomly if it shows who it is at the destination.

Although TOR is associated with the Dark Net and hackers, can be used by anyone to view pages without being recorded by network surveillance and traffic analysis or view sites in the region that have been blocked by government authorities. Searches are kept private by not revealing information. For example, it can be useful for journalists and activists.

Although it provides opportunity to navigate without being spied on, has a handicap focused on the evasion of protections installed in the network, as long as they are not properly configured.

According to ESET, a cybersecurity company, “in the business world, in addition to having only a Firewall, it is also important to have application control.”

How to configure TOR

Contrary to what you might think there is no rocket science to start using TORas you don’t even need to make settings accurate and can be downloaded when searching for it from the surface web, as it appears in the first place of results.

Once downloaded and installed, it should be opened and click the Connect button, after that the TOR Browser will open where you can navigate. Here it is completely optional to visit pages where you can get illegal things like fake license plates and drugs or do searches that would be done on the surface and you don’t want Google or any other service to know about.

Of course, accessing prohibited things isn’t that easy either, as the Duck Duck Go search engine will send you to the most common results. To visit “dark” sites you have to look for them from the Hidden Wiki directory or any other similar. From there you can visit the hidden pages.

It should be emphasized that it is completely normal that pages in TOR take a long time to loadthat’s due to network anonymization encryption, so nothing to worry about.


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