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How to clear Safari cache and why it’s important to always do it on iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Clear the cache of the iPhone, iPad or even of a macbook It can be a good way to recover space in the device and clean it. If one of these runs out of space it can affect your speed, so here’s a way to get things back on track.

Clear cache can also be used to correct errors in Applications favourites, preventing them from repeating when you open them again. Usually, Safari is he browser that the users of Manzana they use. This same saves information such as the cache, which if not deleted, will slow down the different devices where it is used.

Clear Safari cache

Safari has changed a lot in the last few years, Safari for iPhone even added extensions that give users a lot of features.

Preciously, the app that often stores items on the iPhone is the browser. iOS predetermined. Yes you experience recurring errors on a web page or simply need to take up a few MB of space, you have to do the following:

1. On an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Safari.

2. Go to the section of Privacy & Security

3. Click on Clear history and website data.

Four. confirm dialog next to delete these items.

With this simple action, the user will be able to clear the Safari cache on an iPhone or iPad, keeping it nice and clean.

Keep in mind that it will be deleted on all devices where you use the same Apple account. Then you have to enter the visit data for all the websites that you visit regularly.

Force restart to clear caches

This option can clear part of the cache, but not all. A forced restart, also known as a factory reset, depends on the iPhone model in hand:

– iPhone with Face ID, iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 8: press and then release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button and hold the side button. It is released when the Apple logo can be seen.

-iPhone 7: press and hold the volume down and lock button on the iPhone until you see the Apple logo.

– Other iPhones: hold down the home button and the lock button on the iPhone until you see the Apple logo.

This is how you can clear the cache of an application

Some third party apps have a setting to clear the cache of them. This is the case of slack, WhatsApp, Telegramand even Instagramwhere to erase this memory just follow these steps (in the case of the first example):

1. On the iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Slack. It will be almost at the end of the list of apps.

2. At the bottom you can the option Reset cache on next boot. It will be marked to be active.

This way when it reopens, the app will clear all these items from the cache and load them again.

If the app that is causing the problem or the cache that you want to clear does not have this option, you have to do the following:

one. Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

2. Find the app in question and click on it.

3. Two options will be displayed: one is Uninstall the app keeping your documents and data, and the second is Delete the app completely. For this case, the second option is the one to choose.

To restore the application, simply go to the app storesearch for the application in question, download it again and configure it.

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