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How to clean a Windows PC without losing files

How to clean a Windows PC without losing files
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The constant use of a computer for several months and even years, generates as a result the accumulation of files and information which can be considered useless because its period of use has already passed and currently it only occupies space on the hard drive of the pc.

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This accumulation not only generates that the device gradually lose its ability to store records such as programs or applications on your systems, but it also affects your performance because the processors have to make a greater effort to load all the stored information.

That is why it is recommended cleaning both hardware and software of the computer.

Check the apps that open when you turn on your device

the system of windows It has the characteristic of being able to run some applications from the computer’s power-on process. But this function also has a negative aspect, and that is because the device If you are running two tasks at the same time (login and open apps), the period it takes to do both is longer.

One way to streamline the process of turning on PCs is to correctly manage the applications that open at Windows startup.
One way to streamline the process of turning on PCs is to correctly manage the applications that open at Windows startup.

To prevent the computer from slowing down, users need to be able to manage correctly the programs that are going to start from power on to leave only the ones that are absolutely necessary or, if possible, disable them all so that the process be brief and operability is not affected.

In case you want to do it, people will have to enter the Task Manager using the command Control + Alt + Delete and look for the tab of Applications Boot. Within the list it will be possible to choose which ones to continue with and which ones will stop starting when the computer is turned on.

Free up space on your PC’s hard drive

It is a basic step in the process of cleaning from a computer and can be done without the need to download additional third-party applications if you have the time and patience to do it.

Windows Cleanup
Windows Cleanup

the system of windows it already has a program dedicated solely to running this process called “Windows Cleanup” and it can be accessed from the search bar available in the start menu.

Once inside, users will be able to choose the content stored inside the PC that they want to delete because they don’t use it or don’t want to keep it anymore. After checking the corresponding boxes, they must press the accept button for the process to start automatically.

Activate automatic content cleaning

Besides of space cleanupthe system of windows it also offers a similar tool, but it is dedicated to automating the process called “storage sensor” and it can detect when the device’s hard drive is about to fill up completely to eliminate data that the system itself may consider useless.

Automatic content cleaning on PC
Automatic content cleaning on PC

This process, which can be done periodicdeletes data until the computer itself considers that it has returned to an optimal level with which it can operate without problems, so the risk is that it does not control exactly what data will be deleted from the system.

To enter this function, you can press the menu System and then in the Storage option. The time between each of the cleaning processes can be chosen by the users.

Other processes that can also help free up space on a PC is to delete temporary files from the device, an option that is available in System Settings and that deletes the data that other applications save in temporary folders.

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