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How to catch a dog or cat with a pokeball

Pokemon It is one of the most famous franchises worldwide. No matter the generation, they continue to endear themselves to gamers and casual fans alike. In that sense, anyone can enjoy the filter available on Meta platforms that converts pets in a pokemon.


Short videos are currently very successful, so there are continually new filters with users can use explore their creativity. On Instagram and Facebook, a Pokémon filter that simulates the capture of a creature with a pokeball.

This allows you to place a dog, cat, hamster, and even a person in the center. However, the most popular videos have been those of people “trapping” their pet inside a Pokéball. After the simulation, where the puppy or kitten is captured, the filter creates a Pokémon card where a description of the “creature” appearswhich includes the type, its strength and other data.


The conjunction between the Japanese franchise and mascots has been widely used for reels and stories from Meta platforms. To use it it is only necessary to search for the filter in the social network.

First you must access the option to create a reel, then in the part of selecting filters look for “Catch them Now! (Pokémon)”, the option will appear there, which it has a very similar style to the video game of Augmented Reality (AR, for its acronym in English), pokemongo, in which creatures can be caught on the street or inside buildings.


After selecting the filter, you must point the camera at the pet, which will immediately be in the center of the screen. Later, the filter will do the animation work where the pokéball will simulate catching the furry one and will show the descriptive letter.

It should be remembered that reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all together or with videos from the gallery. The capture button must be held down to record the first clip. You will see a progress indicator at the top of the screen as it is recorded. You have to stop recording to finish each clip.

How to share the reel on Instagram

At the end of the AR filter animation, all that remains is to save and publish the reel. Of course, for it to be successful, it must add some hashtagslike #Pokémon #AtrápalosYa #Pets, among others.


If you have a public account, you can share the reel in a special space in the “Explore” section so that the huge Instagram community can discover it. It also can post to feed to share with followers. When sharing reels that include certain songs, hashtags, or effects, the reel may also appear on specific pages whenever someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect.

If you have one private account, reels will respect the privacy settings on Instagram. If the reel is shared in the feed, only followers will be able to see it. People will not be able to use the original audio of the reels (if added) nor will they be able to share your reels with people who do not follow you.

For see other reelsyou just have to go to the “Explore” section where what is trending on Instagram is shown.


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