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How to Blur a face on a video or photo in Android

ObscuraCam is a free application for Android devices, created by the Guardian Project, which can recognize and Blur a face in a video or photo in order to protect people’s anonymity.

Project Guardian is an association promoting open-source software in the area of ​​privacy. Among their applications, we remember in particular Orbot ( Tor for Android ) or ChatSecure. This time, I’m going to tell you about ObscuraCam, an application that allows you to automatically hide faces on your photos or videos.


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By pushing the concept even further ObscuraCam will also erase the geographic data from your photos and the type of camera that was used.

Whether you are a Lambda Citizen, an activist, or a humanitarian organization, this type of app, like all Project Guardian apps, will help you uphold your privacy and protect your anonymity.

Note that ObscuraCam’s facial recognition system doesn’t always perform well, especially in videos where people move around a lot, but you can still easily select and blur faces manually.

How to use ObscuraCam to blur video or photo?

Download the app from the F-Droid store. Then start the installation by pressing the Install button.

The app does not require root access. In the menu, you will have the choice between taking a new photo (which will be automatically processed by ObscuraCam) or opening an already existing photo/video.

Let’s start with a photo …

How to Blur a face on a video
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For the pictures

The application will detect faces. If she “forgot” someone, you can add a mask or remove a mask. You can use ObscuraCam to hide some or all of the faces that appear in your photos.

When you select a face, you have the choice between 2 different masks: a forced pixelation or a kind of virtual hairpiece (Glasses + big nose).

Blur a face on Android videos

For videos, the process is identical to photos but a little longer since the application will have to calculate the position of the faces at each frame.

The process of obfuscating videos takes a lot of your phone’s resources. The process works best with newer devices that have more processing power, especially for longer videos.

  • To hide the videos, start ObscuraCam normally and click on Obscure Video.
  • Then find a video file on your Android device.
  • After selecting your video, you will be asked if you want ObscuraCam to try to automatically detect faces in the video.
  • Tap Yes.
  • If this automatic process is successful in blurring the faces, click the Record button to start the recording process.


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If this automatic process doesn’t detect all the faces you want to hide, or if you want to make other changes, you can do it manually.

It is possible to add regions to the tag, change their size and also move them. For long videos, it may take a while but it works great …


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