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How to be the best player in the NBA with augmented reality

Users will have to do a body scan to be part of a real match.

The nba revealed a new way to engage fans with their favorite teams and players. This time they will take advantage of augmented reality so that a fan takes the place of a basketball player during a real game.

This system was introduced by Adam Silver, competition commissioner, during the live event on Salt Lake City, before the match of the stars. In it he showed how this option will work, which will be in the NBA application, available on cell phones.

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Augmented reality to be in the NBA

This novelty will have a simple operation for users, who through the camera of their mobile phone must make a 360-degree scan of their entire body so that the system takes the details and transfers them to augmented reality.

Then, during a match of the competition, the user will have the option to choose which player they want to be. After confirming your choice, an avatar will take your place, that character will be a 3D model of your body and clothes, which were previously scanned.

This tool is available in match broadcasts and will be a new form of interaction.

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In this way, the user will take the player’s place on the court and perform all the movements that the player makes. A function that affects only the transmission of each person.

Although, for now, not all details of its operation and scope are known worldwide, it is a progress that shows how far the augmented reality as an entertainment tool and even open the possibility of including a similar system for history classes in schools to encourage children’s learning by directly involving them with the events of the past, for example.

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The AR video game of the NBA

This is not the first time that the competition approaches this technology. A few weeks ago, with nianticthe studio responsible for Pokémon Gothey launched nba all worldan augmented reality game for mobile phones.

The proposal of this title is to have the role of a talent scout who goes around the world exploring real places to find ideal players to join each other’s team, as well as items and kits with cosmetic elements.

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Augmented reality video game to recruit talent on the streets of the city.
Augmented reality video game to recruit talent on the streets of the city.

The collection of these talents will serve to carry out training sessions and play matches against other users, taking advantage of all the elements and products that move around the culture of this sport.

“Our version of a basketball game from the nba It starts with a one-on-one mode and expands from there to include major elements of basketball culture such as music, fashion, sneakers and much more, all embedded in real-world locations,” he said. john hankeCEO of the developer studio.

The title is already available on Android and iOS devices, although, for now, the number of real basketball courts is 100,000, niantic He assured that more scenarios will be adapted in each city of the world, as already happened with Pokémon Go, which at its launch had some limitations in this section, but later became a great phenomenon that has led to other franchises, such as Harry Potter, Marvel, Minecraft or The Witcherto try their luck with this format, but without the same success.

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