How to be invisible on WhatsApp | See 3 tips

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After all, how to be invisible on WhatsApp? Anyone who uses the messaging app on a daily basis must surely receive several different notifications. Probably many of them are wanted as — messages from friends, loved ones, work groups. However, sometimes we also get some unwanted or even from unknown numbers which can be inconvenient.

With that in mind, WhatsApp offers some privacy tools that make your account invisible to these users. Such a configuration allows you to avoid annoyance by limiting the view of your personal data, status and even group invitations. In this article, see tips on how to become invisible on WhatsApp!

How to be invisible on WhatsApp | See 3 tips
Image: (Canaltech/Felipe Freitas)

1. Deactivate your last seen and read receipts

Anyone who wants to have more privacy chatting on WhatsApp should first consider turning off their visa last updates and read receipts. These settings are available in the “Privacy” tab of WhatsApp. To access them, just tap on “Settings” and then on “Account”.

By turning these options off, your contacts won’t see when you were last online, and they won’t know when you read a message (except in group chats).

2. Limit who can see you and put you in groups

You can also make yourself invisible in WhatsApp Status and when creating groups. In the case of Statuses, you can make them invisible to a specific group of contacts on WhatsApp. In Groups, you just need to check the “My contacts except” option and then tap on the “Select all” option so that no one can put you in groups.

When a group admin tries to add you, they will be redirected to an option to send an invite in a one-on-one conversation. So, you can avoid being placed in unwanted groups on WhatsApp.

3. Hide your personal information

On WhatsApp, it is possible to make yourself invisible to people who are not in your contacts. By checking the “My Contacts” option in the privacy settings, you can hide your profile picture and scrapbook message. Such a configuration can help you avoid new contacts, because if someone finds your number it will be more difficult to identify if that account is active or if that number is blocked.

That way, people who find your number won’t be sure if you’re actually receiving messages. With these tips it is easier to become an invisible contact on WhatsApp. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends who use the messaging app a lot.