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How to Add Music to a Post on Instagram

All the Instagram users in Argentina can now add music to their photo posts in the Feed. This is a new feature that is in Test phase in the country, with the purpose that the community has more ways of expressing itself.

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Since March 28, this tool has been enabled that allows you to choose a song and select fragments of up to 90 seconds long to add them to photo posts in Feed.

With this, users will be able to include music that could be appropriate at the moment of the photograph they share, as if it were the soundtrack of that publication, for, according to Instagram, it allows “exploring new ways to post to Feed and strengthen the connection with the community”, while, “for artists, it is also another way to share their work and to relate to their public”.

How does it work

The tool available in Argentina is easy to use, it is only necessary to follow a few simple steps.

1.- Select a photo to publish it in the Feed and click on “Add music”.

2.- Search for specific songs in the “Search” field or browse the songs in the “Trends” or “For you” sections.

3.- Select the song you want to add to the photo.

4.- You can select the fragment and up to 90 seconds of the song to include it in the Feed publication.

5.- Click on “Done” and then on “Share”.

It should be emphasized again that this it is a trial version and it will not be available for posts in carousel format.

On the other hand, for listen to songs others have added, just touch the “audio” icon on photos with music. For learn more about the song you can click on the artist or song name in the top corner. If you wanted to share a photo with the same song, you can click on the audio and have the track pre-selected for posting in the Feed.

As you can see, the music track insertion mechanism is similar to that of Stories and Reels, so it shouldn’t be a problem to start using the tool.

Users who live in the region and do not yet have the function, must download the latest Instagram update from its official app store so that they can start adding music to their Feed posts.

This tool joins the most recent platform updateswhich added controls for users to decide what they want to see in their Feeds thanks to the addition of two different views on the home screen that give a total of three options: Home, Favorites and Following.

The modality Start it is the one that has always been there and that everyone already knows; favoriteswill show the publications of the selected accounts in chronological order. In other words, you can choose your favorite accounts from which you don’t want to lose any content.

Finally, Following will show posts only from people who follow each other. “See the latest posts from the accounts you follow, in the order they were posted.” So much favorites What Following will show the posts in chronological order, so that it is possible to quickly catch up with recent posts.


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