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How to access the Xbox community in Disability Pride month

How to access the Xbox community in Disability Pride month
Xbox celebrates Disability Pride Month with communities and creators with disabilities.  (photo: Microsoft)
Xbox celebrates Disability Pride Month with communities and creators with disabilities. (photo: Microsoft)

For the first time, the team Xbox celebrate Disability Pride Month, raising a large community of gamers and creators with disabilities. Kaitlyn Jones, a member of the disability community and Xbox Accessibility Program Manager, emphasizes “the importance of celebrating people with disabilities.”

Disability Pride it is about recognizing the unique experiences of these people with disability as a natural aspect of human diversity. This includes all defects; visible and invisible.

“This is our chance to highlight the broad spectrum of people represented right now, including those who have worked tirelessly to create more inclusive and accessible experiences in all facets of life,” says Jones.


Xbox will have the opportunity to celebrate with over 400 million disabled gamers around the world, with a clear goal: to create a space where people with disabilities do not feel the need to mask or cover up their disabilities, but find a connection with a community of games inclusive that recognizes them as they are.

Therefore, while celebrating Disability Pride, TechMarkup brings there are some ways that Xbox celebrates and enhances its community with disabilities and video game not only in July, but the rest of the time:


Xbox Twitch channel in American Sign Language (ASL)

Two months ago, Xbox launched an American Sign Language (ASL) Xbox channel on Twitter in /XboxASL

Every day, the Xbox Plays team broadcast live on xbox twitch channel, where the latest and greatest titles in the world of Xbox are played. The channel features approximately 25 hours of live performance each week.

XboxASL channel on Twitch.  (photo: Twitch)
XboxASL channel on Twitch. (photo: Twitch)

Filters on tags to make it easy to find an upcoming favorite title

In September of last year, Xbox announced the addition of Accessibility feature labels for games in xbox storemaking it easier to find games that have one or more of the 20 accessibility tags that were defined in collaboration with the disability community and user research.

Now with more than 400 tagged titles and more than 100 with 5 or more tags, Xbox announces that users will be able to search and filter by one or more tags to find their favorite upcoming games.

This feature is based on community feedback, and Xbox hopes to continue incorporating suggestions in the future.

Adding Entries Required for Games in the Family Gaming Database

Xbox introduces the Family Gaming Database, an option that makes it easier for gamers with disabilities to find games with control schemes that are right for them.

Its accessibility pages now list the default required entries for popular games to allow caregivers, occupational therapists, and physical therapists more easily create customizable gaming setups for those in the gaming and disability community they support.

Xbox Disability Pride.  (photo: Xbox News)
Xbox Disability Pride. (photo: Xbox News)

New image, profile themes and avatar elements

In partnership with the Xbox gaming and disability communities, Xbox introduces a new gamer picture, profile themes, and avatar items.

The player picture and profile theme will be available at console and in the Xbox app for pc.

(photo: Xbox News)
(photo: Xbox News)

Video games curated by people with disabilities at Microsoft

– Citizen Sleeper (available with Xbox Game Pass)

– Forza Horizon 5 (available with Xbox Game Pass)

Forza Horizon 5. (photo: Steam)
Forza Horizon 5. (photo: Steam)

– The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

– Fractured Minds

– Psychonauts 2 (available with Xbox Game Pass)

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