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How the crypto market is changing and the digitization of the economy

The platform team cryptocurrencies, Ripio spoke to TechMarkup about some exclusive details about his arrival at Colombia. As they commented, it is an initiative that not only allows Colombians to have another option to exchange digital currencies but also, it will offer education.


Ripio’s RPC token is available from one of the major Exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the world, KuCoin. During the following months it will be announced that RPC will also be available on other global platforms.

From the company, they revealed that in less than two months Ripio offices will open in the Colombian capital along with a proposal linked to financial education.


“Latin America is the sixth largest economy in the world cryptocurrency market, according to the global cryptocurrency adoption index of the firm Chainalysis, and at Ripio we want to continue deepening this market in the region, that is why we are betting on supporting the economic reactivation, captivating a million Colombians to join Ripio and learn more about this interesting and growing world,” he said. Luc Jean Jacques Zuelgaray, Country Manager of Ripio Colombia.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the meeting point where the exchanges of these in exchange for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. In these online exchange houses where the market price that marks the value of cryptocurrencies is generated based on supply and demand.


The name of cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocurrency exchange, refers to a usually virtual space, in which actions of buying and selling cryptocurrencies are carried out. Many exchanges also allow trading with shares or any other type of financial security accepted by the community that makes it up.

The purpose or objective of these is simple: allow the user or ‘trader’, to participate in a market in which he can obtain profits thanks to the price variations that occur in it. All this due to the fact that these assets are operated using the free market value associated with each one of them.

Thanks to the existence of Exchanges, it has been possible to boost the economic and financial life of cryptocurrencies. Is now It is possible to easily exchange fiat money for crypto or vice versa, from anywhere in the world. All this with relatively low commissions compared to other traditional trading methods.

The technological security of the Blockchain ecosystem for the Cryptocurrency Exchange


Every year the number of daily attacks by phishing, which has become one of the most common scams on the internet. Those who carry out this scam obtain sensitive information such as bank passwords or credit card information.

In this way, Luc Jean Jacques Zuelgaray He told TechMarkup that “no one can hide or be totally free from fraud.” To do this, he indicated that Ripio provides security to its users in two ways.

The first of them is just as bank pages do, which make people aware of this type of fraud, which Zuelgaray calls “educational security.” The other important factor according to the Country Manager of Ripio Colombia for the safety of users is that “Ripio has been in the market for 9 years, which is why it has allowed us to understand the ecosystem perfectly. All the knowledge that we have received in these years with various numbers in cryptocurrencies and even interactions, serve us to be able to teach our users about digitization.

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