How the advent of technology has transformed the adult sex industry

How the advent of technology has transformed the adult sex industry
Evolution of porn over time. (photo: The Nation)

The Yosexual content industry has been present in humanity for more than 100 years, se is a cinematographic genre morejust as it could be science fiction.

But, how much has the industry changed after the arrival of technological tools? Is it still profitable? How do people dedicated to this profession generate income? Is it true that the actors and actresses in that industry earn a lot of money? Who earns more today, men or women?

Hope Gomez Silva, a Colombian pornographic model and actress explained to TechMarkup: “there is free porn but not all porn is like that. If it were free and not productive to do so, there would be no applications likeonlyfans‘, ‘Fancentro’, ‘Just for fan’, among other traditional producers that in that case would no longer produce more”.

First it came with the magazines

First appearing in France, the new magazines featured nudity (burlesque actresses were often hired as models) and semi-nude photographs on the cover and throughout; although these would now be called softcoreThey were quite shocking for the time.

The publications soon masqueraded as “art magazines” or publications celebrating the new cult of naturism with titles like Photo Bits, Body in Art, Figure Photography, Nude Living Y Modern Art for Men.

Health & Efficiency.  (photo: PicClick UK)
Health & Efficiency. (photo: PicClick UK)

the british magazine Health & Efficiency (now Naturist H&E, often referred to simply as “H&E”) was first published in 1900 and began including articles on naturism in the late 1920s.

Gradually this material came to dominate, especially as other magazines were acquired and absorbed. At times, in its post-World War II history, H&E has catered primarily to the car market. “soft porn”.

The arrival of Playboy magazines

The 1950s saw the rise of the first mass market: Modern Man in 1952 Y Playboy in 1953.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy started a new style of men’s glossy magazine (or women’s magazine). Hefner coined the central term, in the first edition of his Playboy using a nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe, despite her objections.

Another term that became popular with Playboy readers was “Playboy Playmate”. These new-style magazines featured nude or semi-nude women, sometimes simulating masturbation, although their genitals or pubic hair were not actually shown.

Playboy magazine.  (photo: Magnet)
Playboy magazine. (photo: Magnet)

Start of the movies

One of the first films in the history of cinema was shot in Argentinaon the banks of Quilmes or Rosario.

Its realization dates back to 1907. The title ‘The Satanist’ it is believed to be a bad transcription of ‘The Satyr’. It is possible, since the film shows three nymphs outdoors with a faun. Of unknown author, the only copy that is preserved is, apparently, in the hands of a Spanish collector.

After the 1980s, movies began to have more complex plots and were classified as similar to indie or ‘Serie B’. On the contrary, when the 90s arrived, the most complex script lost importance again to focus more on the action sequences that excite the viewer.

The arrival of technological tools

with iinternet the distribution of pornography has skyrocketed in a very short time, which has greatly increased the audience and production. In a very short time, a market niche has appeared with the possibility of becoming a millionaire.

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

“Today what sells the most is the one that we create ourselves. With very little production we upload them to the different platforms we work with and normally they are the ones who receive the money from the people who subscribe; of the 100% sold, they pay us 80% by direct bank transfer while they keep 20%”, explains Esperanza Gomez.

And so, What does a person need to generate money making videos of this style? “The criteria has changed a lot in the last two years. Before, candidates needed to go to casting, send photos to agencies or studios and wait for them to accept you, but now it is much easier. The amateur type has taken over the industry, whereas these days all you need is a good smartphone with a camera, willing participants and you can be in the business overnight”, he explains to TechMarkup Josh Stone, American producer.

“This has been made possible with the arrival of platforms such as Onlyfans, Fancentro, Manyvids, to name a few. These platforms have given the average person the ability to simply sign up, upload their content, and instantly have the opportunity to earn money. It doesn’t matter if she’s fat, old, young, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can easily get in,” she added.

what kind of profession is it

Fun is often a perception that people outside the company associate with this job. “Yes, there is a bit of fun in this, but it is a real job and it requires long hours and a lot of work. The longer you do this job the more successful you become”, expresses Stone.

Furthermore, it explains that in fact the actors generate a lot of money and that “this has come true in the last 5 years or so”.

An artist now has the ability to be their own boss and make a lot of money by creating and selling their own content. In the past, only the most popular could earn a lot of money because at that time the protagonists depended mainly on the studios to hire them and only the first level artists worked more consistently.

But, on the other hand, Esperanza closes the interview by explaining that “the only job in the world where women always earn more than men is this. Example, if they pay me 10 dollars per scene, they pay my partner 4 dollars”, concludes the Colombian.