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How New Features on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter Can Help Your Business Grow

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Social media marketing has the potential to take a business to another level. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms are heavily employed in marketing. Using social media platforms, businesses can connect with, interact with, and communicate with their target audiences. Over a billion individuals use social media sites globally. Despite this, a substantial number of individuals use social media sites. As a result, it assists businesses in using social media marketing to advertise their products or services. Furthermore, it allows businesses to broaden their audience and enhance brand recognition.

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Most social sites, such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are constantly improving their user interfaces. Instead of making major changes to the platform, they release portions of fresh upgrades regularly. Instagram, for example, is popular for business promotion these days, and Instagram is changing to keep up with the times. Also, Instagram for business proved a noticeable growth. The goal of changing the platforms is to make them more convenient for consumers while also giving marketers the opportunity to sell their businesses in a new and improved method.

Every business has its own social media marketing plan that is distinct from the others. However, if you discover that you need to adapt your social media strategy to expand your business, you may leverage new capabilities on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Grow your business with new features on different social media platforms


Social media platforms have taken on an almost entirely new form except for Twitter. Almost every platform now allows you to improve your social media marketing approach in response to new trends. Modifying your social media marketing approach to take advantage of new features on social media platforms not only helps to expand your business but also distinguishes it from the competition. We have highlighted the latest features on various social media platforms that will assist your business in growing successfully.

1.       Use video marketing to promote your business on social media

Video marketing is now regarded as one of the most successful methods of promoting a business’s product or service. Because a marketer can describe the product and visually demonstrate it to customers and audiences. If we are explicitly discussing new features on social media networks. It is not incorrect to suggest that video marketing is becoming increasingly popular across all social media platforms. Even social platforms such as Instagram, where most material is seen in the form of a picture, are increasingly pushing the majority of video content. Instagram now includes reels and short videos. You may now use the video material to advertise your business on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram allows you to share the videos as a story and preserve them in the highlights.


You may also utilize videos to tell a tale, emphasize events, or create reels. However, you may also do live sessions on other social media sites to show your audience your items, provide descriptions, and answer their questions. Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok all have these new tools that allow you to perform live sessions.

Many social media networks are emphasizing video content. People are more inclined to engage with videos, which is why video marketing is so popular. It has been noticed that individuals interact with product videos more than product images with descriptions. As a result, if you want to expand your business online, the video should almost surely be part of your social media marketing approach.

2.       Use New TikTok Features to Your Advantage

The social media platform TikTok is rapidly gaining power. Additionally, the platform is introducing new features to enhance the user and creative experience. For instance, TikTok now lets businesses display advertisements for their goods or services.


There are billions of daily active users of TikTok. Because it seems to be simple to target audiences of any age range or gender on TikTok, the platform has recognized that the majority of businesses are attempting to sell their enterprises through this medium. Even different businesses purchase followers on TikTok to increase their online presence.

As a result, TikTok modified the platform and now makes it possible for companies to advertise their brands more successfully. In the end, it will also help the platform’s expansion. Therefore, companies may now run advertisements to reach a wider audience.

Use TikTok’s new features to your advantage to quickly expand your business.

3.       Keep Track of Future Twitter Changes

Compared to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, changes to Twitter’s platform are quite infrequent. It is yet unclear whether Elon Musk will assume control of Twitter in the near future. But no matter who controls the platform, some improvements may make it better.

The addition of an edit button to Twitter has been proposed for years. Lastly, a small group of users is being used by Twitter to test this functionality. To improve your tweets’ reach and engagement, try them out and make changes. You will undoubtedly gain. As a result, a marketer for a business has to be aware of any changes Twitter may bring. It is sufficient to not be aware of the newest feature; instead, you should implement this modification for the expansion of your business or brand.

4.       Discover the most recent Instagram updates

Instagram is presently going through some changes. The experience for both consumers and artists has been significantly altered by the algorithm and new features that prioritize video. It’s up to you if you utilize this platform for your business to stay current with the changes and figure out how to stand out using the resources offered.

It would be best if you had a sizable following who could be interested in seeing your photos before you can truly use new Instagram capabilities. To boost the number of Instagram users who will interact with your material more, you may purchase Instagram followers. Use efficient Instagram marketing techniques as well, and improve the appeal and engagement of your material to reap the most rewards.

Additionally, Instagram has included a new built-in function that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts. It is advantageous that this feature enables influencers and even corporations to schedule their posts utilizing the built-in capability. It relieves pressure on a company’s budget. Simply, stop using additional tools for post scheduling and schedule your Instagram posts for when the majority of your audience is online and available to engage.

Instagram currently offers a number of new tools that are useful for business or brand promotion. The possibility to advertise on Instagram is one of the new features. Through Instagram ads, you may expand the reach of your company. It is the most alluring technique to simultaneously attract a bigger and new audience.

5.      Create a social media marketing agreement that respects your time and financial constraints

To save time and get better results, more businesses are choosing to outsource their social media needs. However, the time and money spent by the participants on both ends of these agreements must be honored. Contracts are vital for this reason.

6.       Make use of WhatsApp marketing

Most of the time, social media platforms are the only ones you think of when you want to digitally promote your business. However, times have changed, and you can now utilize the messaging software WhatsApp for promotion. New services that help you market your business are now available on WhatsApp.

You have tons of extra choices in WhatsApp Business that you don’t have in the regular version. For instance, to expand your business, you may, for example, add your product catalog to your WhatsApp profile. You may include pricing and other pertinent information in the catalog in addition to the product photographs.

Your WhatsApp business account also allows you to add business hours to let your customers know your availability. It will make it easier for your target market and buyers to find you and your goods.

Utilizing the power of social media marketing is beneficial, but you can accelerate the growth of your business by adapting your approach to take advantage of the new feature on a variety of social media platforms. Maintaining your following is also advantageous because it is crucial to succeeding on social media platforms.

Final Reflections

The efficiency of social media marketing is unparalleled. It makes possible a cutting-edge and novel approach to commercial marketing. It gives companies the opportunity to test out different operational techniques. You’ll be astonished to hear that the only way to advance your business and get a significant return on investment is through social media marketing.

Adopt all new features on various social media sites to keep your social media marketing current. The information in this post should assist you in understanding how to expand your business using the new capabilities on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. For your added advantage, we have also described the brand-new function of WhatsApp, one of the most widely used chat apps.

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