How much time is there to delete messages sent on social networks

How much time is there to delete messages sent on social networks
Social networks.  (photo: YouTube)
Social networks. (photo: YouTube)

For people to communicate with friends and family, they always use messaging apps Y social networks What WhatsApp, Instagram, FacebookMessenger, Telegram Y Signal In this sense, a large number of messages are sent during the day, so it is normal for users to make mistakes.

Not all these applications allow editing messages, so the person has no choice but to delete what was sent. However, it is important for users to know that each of these digital platforms has a time limit to carry out this action.

For this reason, TechMarkup will explain how long you have to delete a message that was written incorrectly or that was sent by mistake to another chat in the most popular applications, which are the ones mentioned in the first paragraph.


The star messaging application of Goal He leaves a little over an hour to delete messages, although he is studying the possibility of completely deleting messages after a few seconds, in such a way that the message “This message has been deleted” would not even appear in the chat. However, for official purposes, WhatsApp allows you to delete messages, but leaving a trace.

To delete it, users have 4,096 seconds from when it was sent, that is 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. During that time you can undo a message already sent that, although it leaves a trace, cannot be seen in the chat by the other person (or others, in the case of groups).

Seems like a more than reasonable amount of time to regret sending a message, although the application studies extending it to two days.

Message deleted from WhatsApp.  (photo See How It's Done)
Message deleted from WhatsApp. (photo See How It’s Done)


The messaging app developed by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov It leaves no trace that the message was deleted, so if the other person didn’t see it, they won’t know it got to them.

There is also no time limit. being able to delete any message even if it was sent years ago. Before this limit was two years, but not even that anymore. And in addition, Telegram even allows you to delete entire conversations both for yourself and for the other person.

Delete message in Telegram.  (photo: Xataka)
Delete message in Telegram. (photo: Xataka)


Instagram direct messages they can also be deleted, it will not matter if it has already been read. Like Telegram, Instagram does not put a time limit on this function, so you can delete all the messages you want at any time, although it will have to be one by one. Doesn’t leave any trace like Telegram.

Message deleted from Instagram.  (photo:
Message deleted from Instagram. (photo:


direct messaging app Facebook has no limit, but it does leave traces. There is no time limit for undoing Facebook Messenger chats. But the app is especially ‘annoyed’ with it because send a notification to cell phone to warn.

And it will not matter if the message is from years ago, since it will inform about it. Therefore, it will be difficult for the other person not to find out.

Delete message on Facebook Messenger.  (photo: The Country)
Delete message on Facebook Messenger. (photo: The Country)


Signal It is a good midpoint with respect to what was seen in the previous ones. Its negative point is that it leaves a trace in the chat when a message is deleted and that it adds a time limit to undo the sending, but it is not especially short.

However, Signal improves on the well-known WhatsApp, extending your limit to delete messages to 120 minutes. That is, during the two hours after sending a message it can be completely removed from the chat, even if it has been read. Although, as has already been said, a notice will appear informing you that a message has been deleted.

Signal.  (photo: Catherine Waibel/dpa)
Signal. (photo: Catherine Waibel/dpa)