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How much money does it cost to have all the streaming platforms in Spain?

How much money does it cost to have all the streaming platforms in Spain?

He Landing of Netflix in Spain in 2016 supposed a real paradigm shift in the national audiovisual market, where the proliferation of illegal piracy fell progressively to historical data. A market in which some companies had been experimenting for years, but which, from then on, suffered a true irruption that continues to this day and has not yet managed to stabilize.

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The constant creation of new platformsthe search for a monetization method that allows production spending and income to be beneficial, and structural changes in companies like HBO, have been key in recent years, where prices have increased progressively and continue to fluctuate going forward.

But, How much does it really cost to maintain all the streaming platforms in Spain? Is it a utopia or something assumable? At CINEMANÍA, we help you figure out the real cost of all on-demand services through their current rates.

The 4 streaming giants: more than 300 euros a year

At the moment, 83% of Spaniards subscribe to one or more streaming video platforms and the 54% have between two and four subscriptions, as stated in a study by Global Household Media Analysis. In addition, our country is the second European territory with the highest number of subscriptions, behind the United Kingdom.

By adding the standard monthly prices of the four main video-on-demand platforms in Spain -Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max-the number gives as a result 30.96 euros per month. An affordable amount for the pocket of many subscribers.

Regarding the annual price, it must be taken into account that The only one of these four platforms that does not have an annual plan is Netflixwhich, to make matters worse, angered the public with its changes in the regulations for shared accounts, with the creation of extra profiles for an amount of 5.99 euros per month.

This means that, adding the 12 months a year of Netflix and the annual plans of Prime Video, Disney + and HBO Max, the annual payment for these four platforms would amount to €305.67. An amount in which the red giant of streaming has a large part of the responsibility for its 95.88 euros per year.

  • platforms
  • monthly plan
  • Annual plan
  • Netflix
  • 7.99 euros/standard plan
  • 95.88 euros/standard plan
  • HBO Max
  • €8.99
  • €69.99
  • Prime Video
  • €4.99
  • 49.90 euro
  • Disney+
  • €8.99
  • €89.90

The rates of the platforms have not stopped increasing in the last decade, as exemplified by cases such as Netflix. In the last eight years, the price of Netflix subscriptions have increased by 50% in Spain, as extracted from the investigation of hellosafe.

For its part, Prime Video continues to be the most profitable platform in our country to date.one of the main keys that has become the favorite option for subscribers in Spain, whose trend points to the abandonment of Netflix.

A growing number: the complexity of streaming

The number is complicated by the entry into play of platforms such as Apple TV+ (6.99 euros/month), SkyShowtime (5.99 euros/month), Rakuten TV (6.99 euros/month) or Filmin (7.99 euros/month). This without counting the flood of streaming services that were conceived in recent years and those that are yet to come or even undergo a transformation, as is the case with the birth of Max.

From the sum of the four main platforms mentioned above, plus those that follow them in number of followers, the price can increase up to 58.92 euros per month for standard plans and up to a capital figure of 520.54 euros per year. A sum with which we would still be paying only eight of the platforms that exist today in Spain.

Various payment options also arise here with the various plans and existing platforms. so, for lovers of Spanish cinema, the sum of Filmin, Movistar Plus+ Lite (8 euros/month), Atresplayer Premium (4.99 euros/month) and FlixOlé (3.99 euros/month), that each day increase their number of subscribers, would mean a payment of 24.97 euros/month and 269.98/year.

A panorama even more labyrinthine if we consider that the telecommunications companies they are betting more and more on their own television services and fictions on demand. A way to consolidate your business and create loyalty towards users, in projects as powerful as Movistar Plus+, Orange TV or Vodafone TV, where they also offer the possibility of creating menus to add other platforms with which they have agreements. Is there really room for so many companies to share the cake?

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