How much does Francis Ford Coppola think about the Roman Empire? The director joins the viral challenge

In recent weeks there has been a collective conversation as bizarre as the results are bizarre. Someone theorized that men habitually think about the Roman Empire, and when asking the men around them he confirmed that there were those who used to think daily, or several times a week. The conversation has extended (not without the perplexity of a few) until it has reached the ears of the man himself. Francis Ford Coppolaa filmmaker who is on the move.

That’s why he said that Barbenheimer It was a victory for cinema (while one of the great jokes of Barbie aimed at The Godfather), and that is why he wanted to subscribe to the fashion of identifying himself (or not) as a thinker of the Roman Empire. On his Instagram profile he answered the question in detail. “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?”. Coppola’s response is that “quite”and links it to the making of his most recent film, Megalopolis.

Megalopolis has been in Coppola’s head for years, and finally he has had to self-finance it to get ahead with 120 million dollars. In his distribution we find Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza, Nathalie Emmanuel either Dustin Hoffmanand it still does not have a release date after the news that came from filming pointed to a very turbulent experience (very much in the style of the director of Apocalypse Now). “The Roman Republic served as an example for my country, the United States, and for its institutions, and it was an inspiration for my next film,” Coppola justifies.

The director always has the Roman Empire in his head, and in this we could remember a very iconic dialogue from The Godfather IIwhen Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) and Frank Pentangeli (Michael V. Gazzo) remembered how the patricians committed honorable suicide. “My fascination with the Roman Republic is based on the struggle between the political parties during which the interest of the republic gave way to the ambitions of a few powerful men, who embraced the objectives of political parties to establish their own fortune and authority by relying on the armed forces to achieve those ends,” he continues.

“And dealing the final blow to a constitution that was already teetering towards its fall.” So here we have another fan of the Roman Empire, who is probably waiting as much as we are for the sequel to Gladiator what is preparing Ridley Scott.

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