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How much can the best content creators earn on OnlyFans

OnlyFans logo. (photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly)

onlyfans moves millions and millions of dollars around the world every day. That is not new. But despite knowing that the adult platform is a beast of a machine to generate income, the numbers handled by the main content creators continue to amaze. To the point that some of them are making millionaires a month. A real madness.

In the last few hours, a chart posted on the subreddit r/dataisbeautiful has gone viral and provides a succinct and impressive overview of how much OnlyFans main characters earn. The data used, in fact, comes from a study carried out by Statista last June, based on figures corresponding to the year 2021.

This is the podium of content creators on OnlyFans

The creator, who posted the most revenue through OnlyFans last year, was Blac Chyna. The American model and celebrity, best known for her legal battles with the Kardashians, topped the ranking with an income of USD$20 million per month.

That number sounds ridiculous, but it is not unreasonable. It is estimated that the monthly subscriptions to view the content are worth around USD$20. But perhaps that is not their only form of income considering that OnlyFans also allows you to obtain tips and sell content under the PPV (Pay per View) modality.

Blai Chyna.  (photo: Archive)
Blai Chyna. (photo: Archive)

Second place on the list goes to Bella Thorne. The actress hit OnlyFans in August 2020 and was an instant sensation by becoming the first creator to earn $1 million in her first 24 hours. According to Statista, the platform’s monthly revenue was estimated at $11 million in 2021.

While the podium completed it Cardi-B. The rapper earned an estimated $9.43 million a month over the past year from her presence on the adult content web.

Bella Thorne.  (photo: What app do you need)
Bella Thorne. (photo: What app do you need)

The figures of the main creators of OnlyFans

A global figure among those who generate more capital on OnlyFans is that, as a community, they have a strong instinct to protect the platform. Whether they are artists, celebrities or entrepreneurs, their fan base extends far beyond the boundaries of the zone aimed at trespassing adult space.

Blac Chyna has 16.5 million followers on Instagram, while Bella Thorne has 25.3 million in the same social network. That does not mean that all of their fans follow them to see their photos or videos of excellent voltage, however, it does mean that their massive description will surely help them to promote subscribers more easily.

Instagram Logo.  (photo: ThirteenBits)
Instagram Logo. (photo: ThirteenBits)

There are also cases of profiles that pocket millions of dollars a month using the reach and popularity that OnlyFans gives them. But it is the least of it.

In the Top 10 largest shares on Reddit, which subtly differs from the Statista statement, only two creators dedicated solely to the platform appear.

One is Gem101, in seventh place with $2.3 million a month, and the other is Mila Mondell, in tenth place with USD$1.5 million per month.

Statistics of content creators on OnlyFans.  (photo: Statista)
Statistics of content creators on OnlyFans. (photo: Statista)

It is logical to think that the effectiveness of the community of creators changes from month to month, and that those with bestial capital are very specific cases. But that doesn’t make the numbers unimpressive. And it also marks that OnlyFans has managed to recover from several somewhat chaotic months.

Do not forget that the company came under fire in August last year, after announcing a ban on the publication of sexually explicit content. The negative reaction among the users and content creators themselves was such that the platform reversed the decision.

In late 2021, OnlyFans changed its CEO following the departure of Tim Stokeley, his founder. The position was awarded to Ami Gan, who acted as Head of Marketing and Communications. One of his first steps was to jump on the bandwagon NFT’s and allow them to be used as a profile picture.

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