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How many episodes does ‘Secret Invasion’ have? Release dates on Disney + of the next Marvel series

 How many episodes does 'Secret Invasion' have?  Release dates on Disney + of the next Marvel series

In recent months, coinciding with the start of the phase 5 and the concurrence of serious controversies (be it the dismissal of victoria alonso or the arrest of Jonathan Majors), Marvel He has decided to take things more slowly. This implies that she is going to follow her usual rhythm of films per year (after Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and that volume 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy which has just been released we have The Marvels he November 10), but it will slow down a bit with the theme of the series.

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That’s why it’s going to be about a year since the last release to Disney+, She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkand secret invasion. It is the next series in the calendar of Marvel Studios: a highly anticipated project as it adapts a very popular arc of the comics, according to which the alien race of the Skrull he infiltrates the Earth posing as several of its most illustrious inhabitants. The seeds of this conflict (which surely varies from the comics and emphasizes the rivalry with the cree) were planted in Captain Marvel. And from there two of its protagonists return.

secret invasion It will be the first installment of Marvel where Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) be the total protagonist. Seconded by Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, leader of the Skrulls. Jackson has recently been interviewed by Empireensuring that in secret invasion we will see a more fragile version of the original promoter of the Avengers Initiative. This can be seen in some images, in fact, with Fury appearing without an eye patch and looking very old.

“Now he is a guy who shows his face and his age. we have the opportunity to humanize someone when everyone thinks he’s a superman,” Jackson says. The most interesting thing about the meeting, however, is the revelation of how many episodes they will integrate secret invasion as the next one opens Wednesday June 21. will be six episodes one hour long, with which we intuit that the story will be quite contained and it will waste no time in starting.

With Jackson and Mendelsohn we will find in secret invasion to Emily Clarke as the daughter of Talos, to Olivia Colman as the agent sonya falsworthalready Kingsley Ben Adir on a role to be specified. Its managers are Ali Selim (which comes from In therapy) with Thomas Bezucha (The Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society), while kyle bradstreet writes all the episodes after having worked on a fiction that would apparently have a similar tone, mr robot.

When do the ‘Secret Invasion’ episodes premiere?

As usual in Disney+ premieres, each new episode of Secret Invasion would become available in Spain every Wednesday at 9 in the morning; all of them led by Selim. Knowing that the premiere is scheduled for June 21, using simple mathematics we infer that the broadcast will last a little over a month, thus conforming:

secret invasion, episode 1 on wednesday june 21 on Disney+

secret invasion, episode 2 on wednesday june 28 on Disney+

secret invasion, episode 3 on wednesday july 5 on Disney+

secret invasion, episode 4 on wednesday july 12 on Disney+

secret invasion, episode 5 on wednesday july 19 on Disney+

secret invasion, episode 6 on wednesday july 26 on Disney+

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