How is the cast of A Freak in the Piece currently?

Will Smith

Fresh prince of Bel Air is one of the most popular series of the 90s. Starring actor Will Smith, it tells the story of a young man from suburban Philadelphia who ends up living with her wealthy uncles in the upscale neighborhood of Bel Air. Thus, he needs to adapt to the extravagant and somewhat different routine of his daily life.

The series was so successful that it ran for six seasons. It is worth mentioning that, recently, she won a kind of remake called Bel-Air.

To remember all this triumph, today Minha Série shows where the cast of Fresh prince of Bel Air. Check out!

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1. Will Smith (Will Smith)

The protagonist of the series, who had the same real-life name, was the one who had the most brilliant career after Fresh prince of Bel Air. In addition to starring in blockbuster films during the period when he was making the series – such as Independence Day and Bad Boys –, the actor has built a solid career in Hollywood, and has even ventured into the music business.

Will SmithSource: Wamu

Will Smith recently won the Oscar for Best Actor for the film King Richard: Creating Champions. However, the PRemio was overshadowed by the case of aggression against comedian Chris Rock, after he made a joke about the hair of the actor’s wife.

2. Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro)

The fun Carlton Banks was played by actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Even though he was one of the audience favorites in the series, Alfonso was not as successful after production. He was only a supporting actor in films like SOS of Loveand voice actor for some animations, such as The New Ghostbusters.

Alfonso RibeiroAlfonso RibeiroSource: Today

A curiosity about Alfonso Ribeiro is that the actor participated as a young man in a commercial with the star Michael Jackson. In it, the eternal Carlton imitated the famous dances of the pop star.

Such talent for dancing made him win an edition of the famous competition “Dancing With The Stars!”which in Brazil is called the Dança dos Famosos.

3. Philip Banks (James Avery)

the eternal and dear Uncle Phil sadly left us in 2013 due to health complications after heart surgery. Even so, after the series the actor worked on the famous series That ’70s Show and participated in the film Dr. Dolittle 2.

James AveryJames AverySource: CNN

Interestingly, before starting to participate in the series, James Avery made cameos in several successful series, among them Squadron class.

He also voiced famous animations from the 90s, such as the cartoons Rambo and The Ninja Turtles, the latter being the famous voice of the villain Destroyer.

4. First Vivian Banks (Janet Hubert)

Janet Hubert did the first version of Aunt Vivian. However, after a series of backstage frictions with Will Smith, the actress was eventually removed from the show and was replaced in the fourth season.

Recently, in the special episode of the reunion of the actors after 24 years, she made a surprise appearance and took the opportunity to make peace with Will.

Janet HubertJanet HubertSource: twitter

After leaving the series, Janet built an extensive career that included participation in films and series, among them General Hospital and friends.

5. Second Vivian Banks (Daphne Maxwell Reid)

Daphne debuted in the fourth season of the series, the result of her success in another very popular series at the time: Hill Street Blueswhich in Brazil was called Coarse Lead. She is the only actress from the original cast to also feature in the reboot: Bel-Air.

Daphne Maxwell ReidDaphne Maxwell ReidSource: Wealth of Geeks

One of the most iconic moments of the series happened right in its premiere episode. In it, the character Jazz makes a joke saying that Vivian Banks had changed a lot after her pregnancy, a joke about changing actresses between seasons.

6. Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons)

Legend has it that Karyn Parsons beat out a number of established TV actresses who also auditioned for the role of Hilary Banks. However, as much as she has excelled playing the character, after the series Karyn never achieved the same glory.

Karyn ParsonsKaryn ParsonsSource: Ebony

Your resume has just expanded to participation in not very expressive seriessmaking her invest in a writing career, publishing several children’s books.

7. Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali)

Tatyana Ali was one of the show’s promising actresses. Her competence in playing Ashley Banks made many point to a bright future, on a level similar to that of Will Smith.

Tatyana AliTatyana AliSource: Yahoo

However, like “her sister”, she only starred in series without much popularity, such as The Young and the Restless and Searching for My Sister. In addition, of course, to cameos in films – most of them romantic comedies.

8. Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell)

The famous butler Geoffrey was played by the English actor Joseph Marcell. And if in Fresh prince of Bel Air he was just a sidekick, after the series there were many works as a protagonist. That’s right!

Joseph MarcellJoseph MarcellSource: The Guardian

His main works were in the series Ratched and in the acclaimed horror film: The Sacred Exorcism. In addition to participation in dozens of other features, series, and even plays.

9. Jazz (Jeffrey A. Townes)

Will Smith’s best friend on the show also maintains a beautiful bond with the actor off-screen. Jeffrey A. Townes is a DJ and has performed on every CD Will has released in his singing career.

Jeffrey A. TownesJeffrey A. TownesSource: Arabian Business

After the show, DJ Jazz continued his work commanding the carrapetas, creating soundtracks, and even touring with Will Smith. Today he still performs at the main festivals of the genre.

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Remembering that, if you want to kill the nostalgia and review all the episodes of Fresh prince of Bel Airthe complete series is available to subscribers of the HBO Max streaming service.

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