How do you make babies cry in movies? Understand movie tricks!

Anyone who loves movies has probably wondered how they make babies cry in movies. After all, productions that involve children are usually very true and it’s hard not to think about what happened to the baby crying so much. Fortunately, you will find that they are not abused and that there are techniques for doing so.


By law, babies can only be on set for 2 to 6 hours a day. When you can’t use dolls, you have to hire a child actor, and you can’t always wait until the baby reacts the way the producers need for the film.

This is where some Hollywood tricks to get what needs to be done for the movie come in! Shall we understand better?


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How do you make babies cry in movies?

According to The New York Times, movies that need baby actors have an employee on the production team called “Baby Wrangler” (in free translation, it would be something like Cowboy). The role of this professional is precisely to deal with babies and get the necessary reactions.


Elaine Hall, a baby wrangler, told Insider that the best way to make a baby cry is to start crying yourself. This is because children are very empathetic, and when they see an adult crying, they tend to have the same reaction.

Elaine revealed, on the other hand, that there are some questionable methods for making babies cry and these tricks are not encouraged on set. Some of them involve making the child smell unpleasant odors to cry again or even making loud noises to make them startle.

However, as these techniques involve the discomfort of the baby, the team always points to the much more empathetic work of the wranglers!


(Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)(Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)Source: Getty

In addition to crying, baby wranglers also form affective bonds with the child to get laughs, scare reactions and more without the child suffering or having any kind of discomfort. Therefore, it is an unusual profession, but very important for the film industry!

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