Hayo Miyazaki wanted to retire (not for the first time) after directing the wind rises in 2013. Since then Studio Ghibli is going through a complicated situation, with the difficulty of finding a generational replacement, worsening due to the subsequent death of Isao Takahata and the march of several animators to Studio Ponoc. Who knows if this succession of events convinced Miyazaki to return, but the fact is that the filmmaker has been working on a new film for Ghibli for some time. Your title is How do you live?and it is one of the most awaited movies of 2023.

Also one of the most mysterious. Of How do you live? we have a release date, synopsis and a minimalist poster where we see something similar to an eagle in an eagle costume. And it seems that Ghibli wants to keep it that way for a while. toshio suzukipresident of Ghibli and a trusted partner of Miyazaki, has revealed his plan that there will be no other material that advances what to expect from How do you live? out of what we already have. Wow, who advocates a total information blackout until the movie sees the light. How do you live? will be released in Japan on July 14.

From there it has not been clarified how it would reach other corners of the world, but in any case for the next month and a half there will not be a single trailer or image that can give us an idea of ​​​​what Miyazaki is up to. It is a measure that will contribute to amplify the mystique that already surrounds the project: How do you live? We know that it is a film that Miyazaki has made in homage to his grandson, seeing in the homonymous novel by Yoshino Genzadonkeyfrom 1937, an appropriate source.

How do you live? tells the story of a teenager, kopeur, whose father passes away and has to go live with his uncle. The film will focus on Kopeur’s coming of age, we assume with some kind of dream escape that justifies the eagle. Either way, that’s all we know so far, and all we’ll ever know until mid-July. Perhaps then, in the face of international distribution, Ghibli wants to degrease the machinery of trailers, announcements and reviews.

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