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How do I set a Microsoft Teams Background: Step by Step Guide

Due to the pandemic situation, most of the meetings take place online. School lessons, university classes, business meetings – everything is carried out remotely, via the Internet.

One of the most proven solutions is the Microsoft Teams platform. The application of the American company uses a lot of solutions that allow you to work in a group and is also made for students. It is, therefore, no wonder that the vast majority of schools choose this solution – on Teams, we will find everything we need, without having to go to separate, external sites and look for solutions elsewhere. For educational purposes, an interactive board or a great system of cards or tests, where we get files with issues and the time limit for sending answers, turned out to be beneficial. Microsoft has developed its program to such an extent that it is a convenient and reliable solution.


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Some meetings may require us to turn on the video camera – there is nothing wrong with that, although there are occasions where it may be a little insulting. Then the salutary function is the ability to change our background, so that only our face can be seen. If you do not know how to set a background on a webcam – this guide will explain everything to you.

How do I set a background on Teams from the available images?

To set the Microsoft Teams Background, go to Settings before joining the meeting. We need to click the Background filters icon or, in the English version, Apply background effects. After selecting the option, the background selection window will appear on the right side of the screen. At the top, there is the Blur / Blur option, which is what most people use – our face will be well and clearly visible, and everything in the background will be subtly blurred.

Change background of Microsoft teams
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However, we can choose other, more unusual options. So we can find ourselves in an ice palace, a rain of confetti or even … in the world of Minecraft. So we have a whole lot of options and we can choose between serious backgrounds and more playful ones. However, you need to remember to choose a background appropriate to the type of meeting. While the Minecraft option is tempting, it can get bad at a lecture or, even more so, at a job interview.

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