How did Neve Campbell become famous? From her beginnings in ‘Scream’ to the success of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

The second season of Lincoln’s Lawyer has been one of the revelations of the season in Netflix. The last installment of the series starring Manuel García Rulfo It was among the ten most viewed on the platform in Spain for almost two months, and it has already been confirmed that the fiction will adapt another novel from the saga of Michael Connelly in a future third season. But every lawyer needs a prosecutor, and the person in charge of play Maggie during the 20 episodes available so far it has been Neve Campbell.

The actress, who will not appear in the third installment, rose to fame after mid 90’s by starring in one of the horror sagas most famous in the history of cinema, and since then he has been chaining projects. Now, 27 years after fight Ghostface, The Canadian is still on the crest of the wave, and has even continued participating in the different sequels of scream.

Protagonist of ‘Five in the Family’

Neve had already participated in both low impact movies as in sporadic episodes in some series before 1994, when her first important opportunity came: she was Julia Salinger for six seasons on Five in family, in which he shared filming with Matthew Fox and Jennifer Love Hewitt. She gave life to an intelligent and sensitive orphan who is involved in several romantic problems during the six seasons of the FOX fiction, which was in broadcast until 2000, so the actress filmed it while she was experiencing a dazzling rise to fame thanks to one of the biggest horror franchises of history.

Sidney Prescott, absolute star of the ‘Scream’ saga

Wes Craven had already been mastered in the slasher with Nightmare in Elm street (1984), but in 1996 he further expanded his legend within the genre with scream. ghostface He instantly became an icon of horror cinema, just like the protagonist he pursued and tormented, Sidney Prescott. Campbell saw how he became a star overnight thanks to the film, which had a sequel a year later (Scream 21997) and that would be the beginning of a saga that continues to be one of the most successful today.

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox in ‘Scream 5’ (2022).

Campbell returned for the other three films made in the franchise, Scream 3 (2000), Scream 4 (2011) and Scream 5 (2022), although it was not in the most recent one, Scream VI, due to notable salary differences. It has already been confirmed that there will be a seventh installment, and producer Kevin Williamson wants her to return at all costs, even paying a million, because he wants to see the Canadian fighting the masked man again.

A horror star in ‘Youth and Witches’ (1996)

The same year as the first installment of scream hit theaters, Campbell also starred in another horror film, although he changed the gore for Santeria. In Young people and witches (1996) once again demonstrated that the genre was his thing and that a new scream queen thanks to this film in which four teenagers practice witchcraft without thinking that it can have devastating consequences.

From horror to suspense in ‘Wild Games’ (1998)

In 1998 he put terror aside to delve into the world of thriller alongside actors of the caliber of Kevin Bacon or Matt Dillon. In wild games She played one of the two girls who accused Dillon’s character of rape in a thriller in which nothing is what it seems. That same year she also had a supporting role in 54, the film set in the legendary New York nightclub Studio 54.

Minor hits and Neve Campbell cameos

Neve Campbell continued adding projects to her career in the early 2000s, with films of all genres such as comedy (Everyone wanted her dead2000), dramas (The last Stand2002), thriller (The enemy is within2003) and even erotic tapesas When Will I Be Loved (2004), historical (Partition2007) and romantic, as Closing the circle (2007). During the first decade of the 21st century, he also carried out some sporadic appearance in some series, as Medium either The Philanthropisin addition to starring in miniseries such as Sea Wolf. He also voiced the witch Cassandra in a chapter of The Simpson.

In this indescribable alternative history comedy, Elizabeth II played by Neve Campbell had to put up with a Hitler who, not content with settling in Buckingham Palace, wanted to take her to the altar.  Thank goodness Marine Winston Churchill (Christian Slater) was there to save the ballot.
Neve Campbell in the satire ‘The Golden Years of Hollywood’ (2004).

The 2010s saw a lighter workload for Campbell. The decade began with fourth installment of scream in 2011, which returned eleven years after the last film, although the rest of the feature films in which it participated, such as A man on the edge that same year or walter in 2015, they did not have the same success. Just The skyscraper (2018), alongside Dwayne Johnson, got a good collection.

His latest great works, with Netflix

It has been in the series where has had the greatest impact in recent years. After appearing in Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Ben, Campbell joined the fourth season of House of Cards, playing Texas politician LeAnn Harvey. She also had an important role in the fifth installment, just before all the accusations of sexual violence against Kevin Spacey came to light.

Neve Campbell as Maggie in 'The Lincoln Lawyer'
Neve Campbell as Maggie in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

His last big project, in addition to Scream 5 (2022) it has been with another Netflix fiction, Lincoln’s Lawyer. In the series she plays the prosecutor Maggie McPherson, who is also Michael’s ex-wife (García Rulfo). Of course, it is not the most recent series in which Campbell has participated, since last month July premiered on the Hulu platform the video game adaptation TwistedMetal.

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