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How did Florence Pugh become famous?

How did Florence Pugh become famous?

From a very early age, Florence Pugh became a true Hollywood star. The British actress has participated in countless projects where her magnificent performance in each of her roles has made her name reach all corners of the film world.

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The debut of the actress in the cinema came with the film The Fallingin 2014. From there, he got roles with greater prominence: Lady Macbeth (2016), malevolent (2018), little women (2019) or black widow (2021), with one of the most coveted roles in this franchise. This caused the British to share dressing rooms with the biggest movie stars, such as Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Javier Bardem or Anthony Hopkins, among others.

His life before the cinema

Before regularly hobnobbing with movie icons, Pugh channeled his artistic impulses by doing something common to many of his generation: show your talent on youtube. The actress always had a predilection for the cameras and this was reflected for her million followers.

Under the name of Flossy Roseshows us a different Pugh than we are used to, with guitar in hand and singing to the camera. Shiver by Lucy Rose, wonder wall of Oasis and Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan, among others, are some of the topics offered by a channel that has not offered content for more than seven years.

progression to fame

At the age of 17, Florence had her first approach on the big screen with the film The Falling (2014). Her performance was limitedbut the great interpretation that he made helped him to achieve a nomination in the category of best new actress in it London Film Festival of that year.

After the great role played in her first film, the artist from Great Britain managed to be the protagonist in the film Lady Macbeth (2016), which led to a nomination for the British Independent Film Awards in the category of best actress. It was the starting point for her where she would get Hollywood to notice her. From there, acted with Anthony Hopkins in an adaptation of King Lear.

In addition, the young actress managed to star in Outlaw King, malevolent or the miniseries The Little Drummer Girl. 2019, which began with a documentary project with Dwayne Johnson (Fighting with My Family), was the propellant year in Pugh’s career, since he managed to be nominated for an Oscar in the category of best supporting actress for his performance in little women.

The definitive leap to stardom came with the film black widow. In this project she took off to the top of the Hollywood firmament, recalling the career of Scarlett Johansson, another actress that she saw as her career improved enormously after entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For this 2023, the British actress has three films up her sleeve that will come out throughout the year: the first, A good person. Then the second part of Dune and finally, Oppenheimer. In addition, Florence is a person who looks far beyond and, in 2024, thunderbolts It will be one of the first projects for next year.

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