Home Entertainment House of the Dragon: What Happened to Viserys in Episode 8?

House of the Dragon: What Happened to Viserys in Episode 8?

House of the Dragon: What Happened to Viserys in Episode 8?

episode 8 of House of the Dragon arrived in the HBO Max catalog this Sunday (9) and revealed the fate of King Viserys I. From the first episodes, it was already made clear that the monarch had an incurable degenerative disease at the time and that would eventually lead to his death. And that’s exactly what happened in this episode.

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Viserys Targaryen was stricken with leprosy – now known as leprosy. In this way, his organs and bones deteriorated over time, weakening the king until he was permanently bedridden.

Below, understand better what happened and what was the fate of Paddy Considine’s character.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

What happened to Viserys in House of the Dragon episode 8?

the first season of The Dragon’s House explores the events leading up to the arc known as The Dance of Dragons in The Chronicles of ice and Fire. Thus, it is about the civil war that takes place in House Targaryen to decide who takes the Iron Throne after the death of Viserys I.

Therefore, it was already expected that the monarch’s death would happen this season and the main focus of episode 8 was the king’s illness. With a new time jump, Rhaenyra and Daemon return to King’s Landing to discuss the succession to the Driftmark throne. Then they find Viserys totally consumed by disease, weak and bedridden.

However, the episode also brought one of the most anticipated scenes of the series – the moment when Viserys would sit on the Iron Throne once again. With Daemon’s help, he ascends the Throne and defends Rhaenyra from accusations that her children are bastards.

Then, during a family dinner that ended with a lot of tension, Viserys encourages the union of the House of the Dragon after his death.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

In great pain, Viserys is taken back to his quarters and reveals to Queen Alicent his dream that Aegon would be the Prince Promised. The cameras go dark and Viserys says, “my love”, then falls silent. The scene indicates that, in fact, he died and the next episode will bring all the tensions arising from his death.

Episode 9 arrives in the HBO Max catalog next Sunday (16) and is the penultimate of the season.

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