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House of the Dragon: What Happened to Dyana in Episode 8?

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episode 8 of House of the Dragon arrived in the HBO Max catalog this Sunday (9) and left the whole scenario prepared to start the Dance of Dragons – arc that addresses the Targaryen Civil War after the death of King Viserys I. However, another fact also caught the attention of the fans: Dyana’s disappearance in the episode.

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For those who don’t remember, Dyana is the maid who was raped by Aegon. The girl throws herself at Alicent’s feet and apologizes to the queen, explaining that the boy hurt her and was not her intention. The monarch says she believes in the maid, but protects her son and forces her to drink tea – the same one consumed by Rhaenyra to avoid pregnancy.

After that, the maid no longer appears in the episode. However, she has an important role in the story and, therefore, director Geeta Patel spoke a little more about the topic.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

House of the Dragon: What Happened to Dyana in Episode 8?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director of The Dragon’s House explained that Alicent definitely paid the girl to disappear.

“We are all waiting for the answer regarding Dyana’s disappearance. The showrunners talked about how Alicent paid her to disappear from the map and the tea was really to prevent pregnancy – it was the same drink that young Rhaenyra was given. After that, I’m curious to see what the future of the character is. Does she show up one more time?”, she commented her.

As much as the maid is a minor character, she has an important role in the series: revealing Aegon’s violent behavior.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

“One of the more subtle moments of the episode may have been Aegon and his relationship with Viserys. After all, there’s the fact that he doesn’t really have the love he wanted from his father,” Patel explained.

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