House of the Dragon: the craziest theories about the series

house of the dragon missed you after the last episode of season 1 aired on October 23, but it also left fans suspicious because of crazy theories that are rolling on the internet. Can they become reality in the series? Draw your own conclusions and beware of spoilers!


The Grand Maester killed Aemma and the baby

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Early in the series, Aemma and her son die during childbirth. Those responsible for the procedure cannot save them. There are those who believe that the deaths were intentional. There is a conspiracy theory in which the maesters of the citadel are believed to want to rid Westeros of magic, which is tied to the Targaryens. Had Grand Maester Mellos taken advantage of the occasion to eliminate “evil in the bud”?

Laenor will return as Addam of Hull


This theory claims that, unlike the events in the book fire and blood in which the character actually dies, in the series his supposed death could be a hoax so that he could be free. But what stands out in this thesis is that Laenor would return to Westeros disguised as Addam of Hull, supposed bastard son of his own. His return would aim to claim the dragon Seasmoke and reconnect with his children with Rhaenyra, among other reasons.

Alicent becomes Melisandre

(Source: HBO/Reproduction)(Source: HBO/Reproduction)Source: Collider


Some fans believe that Melisandre, from game of Throneswhether Alicent herself is reincarnated a century after the events of House of the Dragon🇧🇷 The theory explains that Viserys’ wife discovered the meaning of the king’s last words before his passing, possibly making her his “driving force”. Another clue is Melisandre’s motivation, who believed that Stanis was the “prince that was promised”.

Daemon is the Night King

This is the craziest theory so far. The association between the two characters has four very dubious reasons: the Night King is immune to fire (not all Targaryens have this gift); the walker’s ability to guide dragons; the similarity between their garments; and the fact that they never found Daemon’s body in Fire and Blood. Slash force or “there’s it”?

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