House of the Dragon: Last Episode Will Bring Different Side of Daemon

The Dance of Dragons is officially starting! This Sunday (23), the last episode of House of the Dragon arrives in the HBO Max catalog and will show the first battle of the civil war between the Targaryens: that of Aemond Targaryen against Lucerys Velaryon.

More than that, the episode should still show a very different side of Daemon, brother of the late King Viserys and husband of Princess Rhaenyra. From the beginning of the season, he was seen as a debauched character, with questionable morals and who never really cared much about the consequences of his actions.

But according to executive producer Sara Hess, we’re about to see a very different side of him. “I found it interesting to see how he became a fan favorite character on the internet and we’re thinking about what the nature of his relationship with Rhaenyra will be next season,” she said.

The enigmatic speech leaves room for different interpretations. After all, will Daemon be a good father, husband and prince consort?

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About to conclude its first season, The Dragon’s House tells the story of the Targaryen Dynasty in a period of peace that precedes the Dance of Dragons. When King Viserys I dies, the succession to the Iron Throne is questioned and the Targaryens fight among themselves to determine who will be the next king or queen of Westeros.

The penultimate episode, which ends with Aegon’s coronation as King of Westeros interrupted by Rhaenys riding Meleys and with a menacing glare at the king and his mother Alicent, stunned fans and set precedents for the civil war to come.

After all, Aegon was crowned without the knowledge of Rhaenyra, Viserys’ appointed heiress. Now, the Dragon House is completely divided and the future is uncertain.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

So far, the 2nd season of the HBO Max series has not gained an official premiere date. However, the new episodes are expected to be released only in 2024.

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