House of the Dragon: deleted scene indicates that Daemon is bisexual; Look!

House of the Dragon (The Dragon’s Housein the Brazilian title), series derived from game of Thrones, from HBO, introduced us to dozens of new characters who lived centuries before the original series. Among them is Daemon Targaryen, who a deleted scene from the 6th episode of the 1st season indicates was bisexual.


The series, which takes place 200 years before the events of game of Thronesbegins during a period of relative peace, when the seeds of the Targaryen civil war are sown.

The conflict really begins when King Viserys goes against tradition and names his daughter Princess Rhaeneyra as heir to the throne. Thus, he passes over his younger brother, Daemon, who, as a second son, lives in his older brother’s shadow.


Daemon therefore honors the role of being passed over to the throne, seeking attention in every way. Despite his flaws, he is a fierce warrior – an experienced dragon rider who has managed to win the affection of fans.


After the ten-year time jump from House of the Dragon, he lives in Pentos with his wife, Laena, and their two daughters, Baela and Rhaena. It’s there that a scene occurs where Daemon whispers in a man’s ear while grabbing his arm. Some interpreted the moment as intimate and speculated about his sexuality.


Now, a deleted scene reinforced the character’s bisexuality thesis. The scene, which was revealed via a behind-the-scenes video shared by HBO Max, shows Daemon in an intimate moment with the same servant he was making eye contact with and whispering at the start of Episode 6.

In the book Fire & Blood, by George RR Martin, who gave rise to the series, Daemon’s sexuality is never explicitly stated. Prince Targaryen had three wives in his lifetime, as well as a mistress, Mysaria.

But Daemon is also not one to suppress his desires, nor does he care about taboos in Westeros, so much so that, in Episode 4, he takes his niece, Rhaenyra, to a brothel and is seen having an intimate moment with her.


Anyway, his wife Laena Velaryon doesn’t seem to care much about the relationship between her husband and servant in the video. And you, do you believe that the theme will be explored in the series? Tell us on social media!

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