Home Entertainment House of the Dragon: 8th episode has death suspicion and tensions (trailer)

House of the Dragon: 8th episode has death suspicion and tensions (trailer)

House of the Dragon: 8th episode has death suspicion and tensions (trailer)

After an episode full of twists, House of the Dragon it’s getting closer and closer to the Dance of the Dragons (the arc in which the Greens and Reds actually fight for succession to the Iron Throne). According to the preview released by HBO Max, the 8th episode will have a new – and probably the last – jump in the timeline.

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Alicent’s children are no longer children, but teenagers, while Rhaenyra’s boys remain quite young. Aemond, new master of Vhagar, the most dangerous living dragon in Westeros, wears his eyepatch and looks increasingly dangerous. Thus, the clash in house of the dragon get closer.

In addition, the promo also hints at a possible death in the next episode: that of Sir Corlys Velaryon. Check out the full trailer below:

What to expect from the 8th episode of House of the Dragon?

The trailer shows Otto Hightower, Alicent’s father, sitting on the Iron Throne and speaking on behalf of King Viserys. However, the monarch’s whereabouts are not revealed. Therefore, his illness may have advanced or he may be elsewhere in the kingdom.

Another turning point is when Rhaenys’ voice says that “tomorrow, the Hightowers will make their first attack”. Aegon and Alicent seem quite pleased with how things are going, while Rhaenyra is worried.

Also, while all eyes are on the Iron Throne succession, perhaps it’s also time to worry about the Driftwood succession. After all, the promo indicates that Sir Corlys Velaryon was injured in a battle at Stepstones, but it is not revealed whether the injuries are fatal. Still, Vaemond seems happy with the news, as he is likely the heir to the throne.

(Source: HBO/Disclosure)Source: HBO

the next episode of The Dragon’s House is the penultimate of the 1st season and arrives at the HBO Max catalog this Sunday (9).

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