House of Dragon: Alicent’s ‘standing pack’ generates memes on the networks; Look!

The penultimate episode of House of the Dragon and, in addition to the whole thread for the throne intensifying, fans were also able to check out an ‘other side’ of Larys Strong (played by Matthew Needham).

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The unusual moment consists of the revelation of a fetish of the character. His dynamic with Queen Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) works like this: he shares secrets and important information with Alicent, and in return, she must show him her feet.

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The episode’s director, Clare Kilner, commented on the scene in an interview with EW. “He looks at her feet and then masturbates to it, basically,” she said. “It’s so intrusive and invasive. It’s a very dirty scene.”

fan reactions

The revelation, of course, was one of the most talked about scenes of the episode and generated a wave of memes on social media. Many linked the exchange of ‘favors’ with the current exclusive content platform Onlyfans. Check out fan reactions:

So, what did you think of the reveal of this episode?

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