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Horror Movies That Are More Funny Than Scary

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There are not few horror films that fail when trying to commit the main purpose of the genre: to scare their viewers. However, many go further, and instead of being long and hair-raising, they end up being a fun comedy, with the right to good laughs.

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Whether because of a surreal plot, which includes everything from murderous vaginas to hurricanes with killer sharks, or special effects and poor quality makeup, there is no shortage of titles that made a big mistake when trying to scare the public.

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Today the My Series brings a list of 10 horror movies that are more funny than scary. Check out!

1. One Breathtaking Night 3 – 1992

The latest film in Sam Raimi’s original horror franchise ended up taking a completely different turn than its predecessor. Instead of the claustrophobic terror of the famous cabin, filled with demons released by the Necronomicon book, it focuses on Ash’s journey to the Middle Ages, where he needs to survive the creatures there.

One Breathtaking Night 3Source: IMDB

However, the film has a very comedic tone. From a funny battle of Ash against a clone of his that is born from his shoulder, to the dialogues of the creatures, which include shavequeiras skulls and demons that know how to use bad words well.

two. Creatures (Critters) – 1986

creatures is a horror film that was released two years after the phenomenon gremlins. And just like his competitor, he opted for a plot with good doses of humor, even if his scenes were considered heavier, mainly due to the excess of violence and blood.

creaturescreaturesSource: IMDB

The result is a film with a plot beyond surreal, where the creatures, which should cause fear, end up becoming more charismatic than the actors in the film. The feature was so successful that it won four sequels, its second chapter being the most memorable, mainly because of the scene where the creatures unite and form a huge devouring ball.

3. Toothed Vagina – 2007

What to expect from a movie whose plot talks about a schoolgirl who, one fine day, discovers that her vagina has sharp teeth, and decides to use her organ to do justice to those who try to take advantage of her?

Toothed VaginaToothed VaginaSource: CinemaMaterial

This is the proposal of Toothed Vagina. A film that, if the unusual and surreal plot was not enough, also has a terrible performance by its cast. The result is a feature film that does not manage to scare its viewers, but guarantees countless moments of good laughs with its unusual scenes.

4. The Son of Chucky – 2004

if the trilogy Killer toy was responsible for keeping many people awake at night in the 90s, the following films served to make the scary doll a worldwide laughing stock. And the great apex of this feat was due to The Son of Chucky which, as its name suggests, tells the story of the heir to the evil toy couple.

The Son of ChuckyThe Son of ChuckySource: IMDB

The most curious thing is that in the previous film, Chucky’s Bride, there is a sex scene between the Tiffany and Chucky dolls. And at a certain point, she asks her partner if he is using a condom. Chucky responds with a phrase that was “eternalized” by nonsense: “No need. I’m all rubber!”. Well, it seems that even though it was “rubber”, that didn’t stop them from ending up with the Glen doll.

5. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – 1978

This 70’s classic tells the story of tomatoes that, due to powerful pesticides, end up coming to life and becoming quite violent. With that, they decide to take over the world to take revenge on the humans who consumed them for most of history.

Attack of the Killer TomatoesAttack of the Killer TomatoesSource: IMDB

Well, I don’t need to explain too much about why this horror movie ended up becoming a great slapstick comedy. If the absurd story wasn’t enough, the feature still features hilarious scenes, such as people lying on the ground, with several tomatoes on them.

6. The Zombie Strippers – 2007

Borrowing from the plot of the zombie classic: The return of the Living Dead, The Zombie Strippers tells the story of an experimental drug, whose purpose is to resurrect soldiers killed in wars, which ends up spreading through a city, whose main attraction is a stripper club. Because of this, the dancers end up infected, and now they become violent creatures.

zombie stripperszombie strippersSource: Enter the source

As you can imagine, the film features hilarious scenes inside the establishment, mainly involving the creatures. Emphasis on the sensual dances, starring half-naked zombies, thirsty for blood, whose regulars don’t even seem to realize that there is something wrong with them.

7. sharknado – 2013

sharknado is a film with such a surreal plot that it ended up becoming one of the most famous franchises of recent years. In it, a strong hurricane ends up sucking sharks out of the ocean and taking them to dry land, where they will devour everything and everyone in their path.

sharknadosharknadoSource: IMDB

The film’s popularity was so great that it won no less than six sequels, with increasingly surreal plots, ranging from time travel to a global apocalypse due to the shark hurricane. In addition to the surreal scenes getting good laughs, the special effects are so bad that they end up being hilarious.

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8. The Little Shop of Horrors – 1986

The film, which should be a mixture of horror and musical, ends up being a fun comedy about a flower shop assistant, who creates a friendship with a huge carnivorous plant, and now needs to feed it at all times. The problem is that his diet is exclusively human meat, causing the young man to run after corpses to satisfy his friend.

The Little Shop of HorrorsThe Little Shop of HorrorsSource: IMDB

Just having Rick Moranis as the protagonist can imagine that a horror climate would not fit. That’s because Moranis is considered one of the greatest comedy stars of all time, mainly for always playing clumsy characters, and with tirades that yield good laughs.

9. Piranha 2 – 2012

If the plot of the first movie of the remake of the franchise was already surreal, in Piranha 2 he overstepped the bounds. That’s because the killer fish have now decided to attack a huge water park, causing a series of murders.

Piranha 2Piranha 2Source: IMDB

The highlight of the film is the star David Hasselhoff, from SOS Malibu, playing himself, and Ving Rhames taking revenge on the fish that, in the first film, ate his legs. To do this, he simply uses two weapons instead of limbs to exterminate the entire shoal.

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10. The Leprechaun (Leprechaun) – 1993

The famous Leprechaun was never a kind creature. The legend says that the little man is the guardian of a pot of gold, being necessary to capture him to find his wealth. However, in the long run, he spares no effort to protect his coins, even if that means murdering everyone who threatens him.

the leprechaunthe leprechaunSource: IMDB

The story of the film could even yield a very terrifying film. However, the Leprechaun’s characterization, the meaningless dialogues, and the poor quality special effects, make the film a comedy, far from keeping even the most sensitive spectators awake at night.

And in your opinion, which movie is funnier than Scared? Tell us on our social media!

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