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HONOR X8, the test of a very powerful mid-range cell phone at a low price

At TechMarkup we had the opportunity to test andl HONOR X8, one of the X Series mobiles that was recently presented in Latin America and that, in reality, has brought some attack characteristics compared to other devices in the same mid-range.

Of attack because we have identified that there is no point in having a nice and cheap cell phone if inside it is not going to respond to all the needs that people have today.

Before counting the most outstanding features, it is important that technology lovers keep in mind a relevant data of HONOR.

Tech industry analysis firm Canalys announced that during the first quarter of 2022, HONOR reached the top as the number one smartphone manufacturer in China for the first time. The brand managed to ship 15 million units this year and had an annual growth of 205%.

The achievement was also recognized by analytics firm IDC, which said that “HONOR achieved high year-on-year growth, driven by the low level of comparison a year ago and the good performance of the HONOR 60 and X30 series, which contributed to nearly 60% of your shipments. The release of the HONOR Magic 4 also strengthened HONOR’s position in the high-end segment.”

HONOR Series X

Now yes, we are going to tell you great details that we found about the Honor X8 after delivering those encouraging figures that even as consumers give more confidence.

At first glance, the cell phone already delivers an impact, since the design is one of the most attractive features.

Its weight is 177 g. reason why it does not feel heavy or difficult to handle.

The screen is 6.7″ Full HD+ LCD, although it has a refresh rate of 90 HZ. In this sense, it was important to play on the device because although it is not as high a refresh rate as in others, it was possible to determine that it does support games without any problem of delays, the speed was approved.

Now, let’s talk about the cameras, a very interesting and elegant section because its design stands out on the cell phone.

HONOR X8 is a great tool for lovers of multimedia content with photos, videos and the option to edit on the same phone.

This device has four cameras that work together or adapt to the situation (64MP high resolution, ultra wide angle, bokeh, macro), just keep in mind that it can change according to the aperture of the diaphragm, as it happens. with a professional camera.

Here it is important to clarify to users that the fact of having 4 lenses does not mean that they all work at the same time, simply automatically and also using artificial intelligence, it adjusts to the photo that you want to take.

The cameras will work based on the iconic option of the brandMultivideo, which will allow you to record much more attractive videos. We tested the function again and found that it is very easy to record simultaneously from the rear and front camera without losing any detail of the moment. In addition, when editing there is much more material to choose the best shots.

power is real

Today all people perform different tasks on the cell phone, the mere fact of viewing social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok at the same time, represent several tasks at the same time that they need a fast cell phone

In that sense, if you add studying, working, attending video calls with friends, entering dating applications, playing games, editing content and even sharing the screen to other devices, it represents more work for the cell phone.

For this reason, we tested the previous functions with 16 active applications at the same time and it was possible to identify that it is possible to navigate between them without the risk of closing them.

HONOR X8 has 6GB+2GB RAM and 128GB ROM with Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 680 (6nm) processor. Which also helps the battery perform.

In order for everything to be carried out satisfactorily, it was created HONOR RAM Turbo, a technology that converts read memory into RAM for faster browsing speed and provides users with a streamlined experience that allows apps and content to load in seconds.

In this sense, it is concluded that the cell phone, being a mid-range, has brought some premium features that make the user feel important due to the design and enthusiastic about the speed with which tasks can be done.

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