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HONOR X8, the best phone with extended virtual RAM

3 key points about HONOR Turbo RAM.

HONOR has revealed great novelties for this beginning of the year with a series that will break the mold in the mid-range device sector, which will give the possibility of working, studying, playing and having fun at the same time without any problem.


On this occasion, the HONOR X8an smartphone with a different premium design, system Android operating with Google Mobile Service, Snapdragon chip with 6 nanometer premium process and 90Hz screen.

However, he has pulled out an ace up his sleeve and at TechMarkup we tested it. It is an advanced memory capacity that is equipped with HONOR RAM Turbo (6GB+2GB). This technology expands RAM memory storage by compressing 3 times more Applications in the background and allowing the HONOR X8 to simultaneously open 16 Applications or more, without their efficiency being affected.


Today, most of the mobile phones They have a large memory capacity. Thousands of photos, applications and documents occupy it, but there will be times when the performance of the mobile device decreases when it is using almost all the RAM memory.

The Honor X8 has 6GB RAM Y 128GB of storage with the ability to use virtual RAM to increase it by 2 GB on a sensitive partition.

This is how HONOR RAM Turbo helps improve the user experience


Since smartphones are used to play games, text messages, calls and watch videos at the same time, switching between tasks can lead to “background process death”, which frustrates many users when their game ends automatically or when the app quits unexpectedly while answering a call. This happens more often when the phone is running low on RAM.

HONOR RAM Turbo, developed by HONOR, expands RAM memory by compressing background applications and allows that HONOR X8 have more applications open simultaneously without affecting efficiency. This makes the smartphone an ideal option for user entertainment.

To provide a smoother experience and help users resume tasks with low latency, the technology helps to “warm start” more background processes and applicationswhich ensures that a call can be made or a message can be written, and applications continue to run in the background waiting for the user to get back to where they were.


During warm boot, all the system has to do is bring the application activity to the front and keep more applications in memory.

HONOR X8 Versions

Honor X8 comes in colors Obsidian Black, Sidereal Silver and Sapphire Blueand it only has a version of 6 GB + 2 GB of RAM plus 128 GB of capacity.


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