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HONOR X Series: Meet the device within everyone’s reach with the latest technology in performance

In Colombia, the presentation of the X Series by HONOR, a former sister brand of Huawei and a leader in the Android cell phone market in China, where 3 mid-range devices were unveiled.


These are the HONOR X7, HONOR X8 and HONOR X9 phones with premium designs and the brand’s proprietary virtual RAM technology called: HONOR RAM Turbo.

In this sense, the Chinese brand promises large screens, a thin and light body, and faster performance for any type of usersince different tasks can be carried out at the same time without the need to close any application or lose the last thing that was being done in it.


TechMarkup had the opportunity to test and compare the HONOR X8 cell phone, one of the most outstanding of the Series, before launching.

Skinny body

Ergonomics and ease are important, which is why we highlight that the mobile has a thickness of 7.45 millimeters, which would be equivalent to taking 95 pages of a book at the same time, so It was not a problem to do several tasks from the cell phone, you do not feel tired in the hands.

space velocity


Just as a ship moves on orbit, the operation of the HONOR X8 is characterized by flying thanks to its technology. HONOR RAM Turbo is a technology that converts the reading memory into RAM to have greater speed in navigability and provides users an optimized experience that allows applications and content to load in a matter of seconds.

We ran the test using 16 apps at the same time (Fortnite, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, Spotify, YouTube, Slack, Gmail, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Telegram, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Google Chrome, Free Market and Amazon).

So the HONOR X8 allows you to have more applications open simultaneously without affecting efficiency, a key option for studying, working and entertaining at the same time.


To provide a smoother experience and help users resume tasks with low latency, the technology helps “kick start” more background processes and applications, ensuring that a call or message can be made and apps keep running in the background waiting for the user to get back to where they were.

During startup, all the system has to do is bring the application activity to the foreground and keep more applications in memory.

quad camera

HONOR X8 is a good tool for multimedia content lovers with photos, videos and the option to edit on the same cell phone.

This device has four cameras that work together or adapt to the situation (64MP high resolution, ultra wide, bokeh, macro)just keep in mind that it can change according to the aperture of the diaphragm, just like it happens with a professional camera.

In addition, the cameras will work based on the iconic option of the brand, Multivideo, which will allow recording much more attractive videos. We tested the function again and found that it is very easy to record simultaneously from the rear and front camera without losing any detail of the moment. In addition, when editing there is much more material to choose the best shots.

mythical processor

Just as the brain is important for human beings, smartphones must have processors that make it possible to carry out all their functions.

HONOR has chosen the Snapdragon 680 processor for this device, which adds a plus to users and is the opportunity to play without having problems with the refresh rate or its performance; In addition to taking care of the battery.


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