Honor Magic V2 appears in first official teaser

After having already appeared in previous rumors with its possible specifications, the Honor Magic V2 foldable won its first official teaser. The content shows the great ambitions of the brand, which promises to revolutionize the foldable cell phone market.

To demonstrate this, the image shows three devices that represent the evolution of cell phones. The first, for example, is a model with a T9 keyboard, the one that requires multiple taps on the same button to create messages.

Next, a more traditional smartphone appears, with a look reminiscent of an iPhone 5s — but curiously with the old 30-pin connector instead of the Lightning connection. Finally, the last model in the image would be the Honor Magic V2, closing the cycle of cell phone innovations.

However, the new foldable device did not gain many visible details in the teaser, as it appears at an angle that only reveals its side, without additional elements. It would be the only one with the screen facing the back of the models in the image, where the device’s panel generates a colorful effect.

Previously, Honor CEO George Zhao had already pointed out that the Magic V2 will be able to “revolutionize the experience in folding phones”, but did not explain what that really means. In any case, the product is expected to come with significant changes compared to the Honor Magic V and Magic Vs, Honor’s previous models in the category.

Honor Magic V2 should have versions with different processors

According to previously disclosed information, the Honor Magic V2 should bring two versions with different processors. While one would have the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, the other would come with the more advanced Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Other technical characteristics expected for the device still include:

The Honor Magic V2 presentation date had already been informed by the company, and it was reaffirmed in the new teaser. The device will be revealed on July 12th, with its complete technical sheet and official prices.

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